Hereditary ultraestablishment Democrat Dan Lipinski funded by railroad industry, whose safety regs he has held at bay

Dan Lipinski literally inherited his Illinois seat from his father, and has held it since 2004, despite voting against a $15 minimum wage and against a woman's right to choose to have an abortion. Read the rest

Illinois Democratic Party Chair is funding mailers smearing progressive Democrats with ridiculous lies

Michael Madigan has served as chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party for 20 years (prior to that, he was Speaker of the Illinois House for decades); if you donated to the party in Illinois, Mr Madigan used your money to fund mailers that smeared progressive Democratic hopefuls as being secret Tea Party members, Donald Trump supporters and opponents of universal health care. Read the rest

Six immortal superweapons the Democrats made for the president, which Trump gets to wield

Through the Obama years and even into the Trump administration, Democrats have voted a range of powers for the president that gives him almost unlimited authority, out of a combination of the foolish conviction that no one untrustworthy would inherit Obama's tools, and cowardice about voting against mass surveillance and being criticized by war on terror hawks. Read the rest

Don't give a dime to the DCCC, they'll just use to front DINOs and smear Justice Democrats

I donated to Democrats in 2016, so that means that the DCCC calls me about once a week to ask for money. I always tell them no, because I support Democratic candidates through organizations like Our Revolution -- the kinds of Democrats who stand up for working people, universal health care, a $15 minimum wage, investment in renewables and curbs on the finance industry. Read the rest

Blue Cross employees are instructed to donate to the boss's daughter, a "Democrat" who opposes single-payer

Gretchen Whitmer wants to be the Democratic governor of Michigan, and she has distinguished herself from her opponents Abdul El-Sayed, and Shri Thanedar by opposing single-payer healthcare and endorsing the broken, expensive, murderous private system, a subject she has deep expertise in thanks to being raised by Richard Whitmer, who built the family fortune during his 18-year tenure as president of Blue Cross of Michigan. Read the rest

Before standing for the Democratic nomination in a NY congressional race, Patrick Ryan was in business spying on union organizers and left-wing activists

Patrick Ryan wants to be the Democratic nominee for New York's 19th district in the Hudson Valley, a Republican seat that Dems hope to flip; he's gone on record stating that he can do the job because of his entrepreneurial success -- but he didn't mention that he built his career at Berico Technologies by pitching a product to help businesses spy on union organizers and left-wing activists, a plan that included spying on left-wing Democrats and planting fake documents in order to discredit labor unions. Read the rest

Meet Hereditary Congressman Dan Lipinski, an anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ Illinois "Machine Democrat" who opposes the $15 minimum wage

Rep Dan Lipinski (@RepLipinski) is Congressman for Illinois's 3rd congressional district; he voted against marriage equality and opposes abortion and and the $15 minimum wage. He is up for re-election next November. Read the rest

Sanders-inspired candidates challenge Democratic sellouts in unequal Columbus

Columbus, Ohio boasts one of the fastest-growing economies in the midwest, with gains in transit, creditworthiness, and employment -- but it's also one of the most unequal cities in the country, where infant mortality is soaring alongside a horrific drug epidemic, both of which disproportionately affect poor people. Read the rest

California Democrats sell out online privacy in the dead of night

California AB 375 was a bill to restore the online privacy rights that the Republican Congress stripped away in March when they passed a bill that allowed your ISP to spy on you and sell data about your online activities. Read the rest

Dinosaurs make the perfect travel companions

On his Instagram, photographer Jorge Saenz spices up his travel photos with the help of some dinosaur friends. You can see all the images on the #dinodinaseries hashtag.

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... Dino: the support of this healthy coexistence is not only enough grass... Brachy: It is also fundamental to know how to share it... ... Dino: La base de esta saludable convivencia no es solo el pasto suficiente... Brachy: También es fundamental saber compartirlo... ... #dinodinaseries ... #dinosaur #brachiosaurus #toydinosquad #toydinosaur #photomobile #argentina #cordoba #embalse #paleontology #instagram #asuncion #hartcollective #hikaricreative #tea_journals #outofthephone #instagramjapan #dinosaurio #onlyiphone #iphone5se #1415mobilephotographers #1415 #food #sharing #igersjurasic

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... Rapty: I'm so tired of your mess, Spiny!! It' impossible to live with you... Spiny: I'm sorry, because I try to be ordered everyday... ... #dinodinaseries ... #instagram #outofthephone #dinosaur #dinosaurio #toydinosquad #spinosaur #raptor #jurassic #photomobile #paleontology #instagramjapan #onlyiphone #iphone5se #1415mobilephotographers #1415 #igersjurasic

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.. Dino: "E pur si muove" said Galileo... Dinoldo: By the moment...We stay better over it.. ... Dino: "E pur si muove" (pero se mueve) dijo Galileo... Dinoldo: mejor estar arriba que abajo... ... #dinodinaseries . ... #dinosaur #iPhonemovie #brachiosaurus #instagram #pachicephalosaurus #bridge #asuncion #paraguay #toydinosquad #toydinosaur #galileo #hyperlapse #instagramjapan

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