Chicago to host "As You Wish!" a Princess Bride pop-up theme-bar

A Princess Bride themed pop-up bar is opening in Chicago. Perhaps you can find the man who killed your father...

NBC Chicago:

Inconceivable! "As You Wish," a "Princess Bride"-themed pop-up bar, will soon open in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood.

The Sixth, which is located at 2202 W. Lawrence Ave., is launching the immersive bar on Feb. 11 with decorations replicating scenes from the 1987 film, according to Eater.

The bar will also have 16 cocktails named after some of the movie's most quotable lines including "Twue Wuve" which is a concoction of Lucy Pistolas Mezcal, Arakku, Fino Sherry, caramel pineapple simple syrup, coconut and blueberry foam.

Chicago is absolutely home to ROUS and I am pretty sure Miracle Max teaches improv at the Annoyance. Read the rest

Some of my favorite movie sword fights

The greatest of all time. I cry every time I watch Inigo Montoya destroy Count Rugen. I can bring my self to cry by thinking about it.

Errol Flynn fighting Basil Rathbone in Captain Blood is just wonderful.

Something about two-handed butchering people with a broadsword always plays! The Governator is most remembered for his role in Twins with Danny De Vito, but this little known film, was wonderful fun.

Is just a masterpiece.

...and of course Doctor Jones shows us how it's done. Every call back they've made to this scene in later movies was a dud. Read the rest