Cartoon from 1906 predicts our obsession with smartphones

From a 1906 issue of Punch magazine, as described by The Globe and Mail:

Under the headline, "Forecasts for 1907," a black and white cartoon showed a well-dressed Edwardian couple sitting in a London park. The man and woman are turned away from each other, antennae protruding from their hats. In their laps are little black boxes, spitting out ticker tape.

A caption reads: "These two figures are not communicating with one another. The lady is receiving an amatory message, and the gentleman some racing results."

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Documentary on right-wing "three-percent" militia in the U.S.

As part of Vice's new video series, Hysteria, which examines mass social panics in the U.S., here's a 20-minute documentary about the Georgia III% Security Force -- "one of America’s right-wing, pro-Trump, anti-terror militias."

Vice went to Atlanta to join Chris Hill — a.k.a General Holy War / Blood Agent — during one of their monthly gatherings to see how they prepare themselves to "defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic" and see what they'll do to protect their guns.

The III% Movement is a loose, anti-government militia ostensibly preparing and training in the event that the federal government attempts to take away the rights of American citizens and must be resisted. The group has come under increased scrutiny recently, after members showed up heavily armed to the white supremacist, Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville earlier this year.

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