London police finally admit they fed intel to UK construction cartel to build illegal blacklist of labour organisers

It's been six years since investigative journalists published their expose accusing London's Metropolitan Police of colluding with the UK's construction cartel to blacklist workers who complained about unsafe working conditions, abusive bosses and wage-theft, as well as union organisers and other "troublemakers" -- this week, the Met confirmed that its officers were an active part of the illegal blacklist. Read the rest

London terror cops forced to admit they're still investigating journos who reported Snowden leaks

London Metropolitan Police anti-terror squad had refused to make any comment on whether they were investigating the reporters who broke the Snowden story for two years, but now a court has ordered them to answer -- and they've copped to it. Read the rest

London police apologize for killing innocent man

In 2009, passing through a protest march, Ian Tomlinson was beaten and pushed to the ground by London cop Simon Harwood. He subsequently died of his injuries, but it took four years for the police to apologize to his family. Matthew Taylor, in The Guardian, reports on how London's Metropolitan Police finally admitted culpability after years of extraordinary efforts to avoid it. Read the rest