Fare thee well, ThinkGeek

It's the end of a geeky era: After 19 glorious years of flogging movie, comic book and gaming-related swag, ThinkGeek is shuttering its website next month.

From The Verge:

ThinkGeek will officially close down its website and will migrate its operations over to its parent company GameStop’s website instead. In the meantime, the store is holding a 50 percent off “moving sale.”

By way of explanation, a GameStop spokesperson would only provide the following business-speak: The company is “engaging in a strategic business transformation initiative to build the GameStop of the future,” and that as part of that effort “we have made the decision to reorganize our ThinkGeek business by streamlining the operations of our ThinkGeek.com ecommerce platform and transitioning it within our GameStop.com omnichannel platform.”

Apparently, renewing that domain name every year was way outside of GameStop's budget. I suppose that being able to buy the same kit online will do, but it just won't be the same. Back in the day, I bought a number of handheld console emulators from ThinkGeek. It always felt like I was getting away with something special. I can't imagine having that same customer experience by shopping through a corporate behemoth like GameStop.

On the bright side of things, for the time being, over 40 of ThinkGeek's brick-and-mortar shops will remain open across the United States. I mean, you can't shop there at 3am in your underwear like you could with their website, but it's something, I suppose.

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Star Trek paperclips


$20 gets you 40 clips, half in the shape of the Starfeelt insignia, the other half shaped like the Enterprise. Read the rest

Companion Cube ice-trays

Wow 'em at your next Portal-themed cocktail party with ThinkGeek's Companion Cube ice-cube molds, at $12.99 per.

Portal 2 Companion Cube Ice Tray

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Quis Custodiet Ipsos T-Shirts?

The geniuses at ThinkGeek have a new one: the spycam T-shirt. The Electronic Spy Camera Shirt ($39.99) pulls a Purloined Letter by placing the camera's lens in the silkscreened shirt's camera lens. The shirt is a Bond send-up ("From Tokyo with Love").

The camera shoots still images at 640 by 480 pixels, and can hold up to 150 color photos. A remote control vibrates when you press the button, and you plug the camera in via USB to download images. You can remove the electronics in order to wash the shirt. I tried ThinkGeek's Wi-Fi Detector Shirt ($19.99) a few years ago, and it did get a wee bit hot and sticky in there.

After retweeting Laughing Squid Scott Beale's blog entry about the shirt, the immediate response from a friend? "Ooo, I bet the TSA will LOVE that one." The naked full-body scan would be particularly entertaining, I'm sure.

ThinkGeek was on the receiving end of a lovely write-up in Wired magazine a few weeks ago, in which it was revealed how many tens of millions of dollars a year the firm makes, in significant part from weird crap we love and caffeinated products.

The geeks who think will soon be releasing a real version of their pretend Canned Unicorn Meat--a product made entirely of unobtainium, despite the National Pork Board's concern. Wired says of the upcoming product, "open the lid and you'll find bits and pieces of plush unicorns designed to look as though they've been through the abattoir." Read the rest