Your next pajamas could be Star Trek: TNG onesie with removable feet

I am serious about sleepwear, and will not pass on a chance to change into jammies (I travel with them, wear them on long-haul flights, etc), and there's a universe of difference between slopping around in sweats and a tee and wearing actual jim-jams.

The golden age of sleepwear is behind us; if you fancy a visit to our glorious past, I recommend tooling through Etsy's selection of deadstock vintage pajamas, which is just the thing if you want to feel a little Ward Cleaver, a little Hef, a little Superfly.

For a futuristic turn through the land of nod, though, there's the one piece Star Trek: TNG Picard Lounger (with removable feet!), embroidered with rank insignia and other details, at $50.