Trump to divert $3.8B from Defense to build stupid Mexico wall

White House plans to divert $3.8 billion from DoD to build Trump's long-promised wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, for which he lied that Mexico would pay Read the rest

Trump showed an inordinate interest in badgers, according to new book

In the new book, Sinking in the Swamp: How Trump's Minions and Misfits Poisoned Washington, by Lachlan Markay and Asawin Suebsaeng, it's revealed that Trump appeared to have an interest in badgers:

After Trump was reminded that the short-legged omnivore was practically synonymous with the Badger State, he'd make a point of bringing it up at seemingly random occasions to his beleaguered chief of staff [Reince Priebus, a Wisconsin native].

"Are they mean to people?" Trump at least twice asked Priebus in the opening months of his presidency. "Or are they friendly creatures?" The president would also ask if Priebus had any photos of badgers he could show him, and if Priebus could carefully explain to him how badgers "work" exactly.

He wanted Reince —--resident White House badger historian, apparently -- to explain to him Wisconsin's obsession with the animal, how the little critters function and behave, what kind of food they like, and how aggressive or deadly they could be when presented with perceived existential threats.

Trump also wanted to know if the badger had a "personality" or if it was boring. What kind of damage could a badger to do a person with its flashy, sharp claws?

An obviously enthralled president would stare at Priebus as the aide struggled for sufficiently placating answers, all the while trying to gently veer the conversation back to whether we were going to do a troop surge in Afghanistan or strip millions of Americans of healthcare coverage.

[via Business Insider]

Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash Read the rest

House Dems press Secret Service on payments to Trump

'Secret Service had been charged up to $650 per night for rooms at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida, and charged $17,000 a month for a cottage at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster'

Trump wants 25% cut in US military fund to deter Russian aggression

Impeached American president Donald John Trump wants a 25% reduction in the military fund designed to deter Russian aggression against the U.S., no reason, why are you asking, no really, why, you seem kind of obsessed. Read the rest

Trump wants US drug laws to be more like China, where dealers are executed

Yes, things will get nuttier, because now he has impunity. Read the rest

Why has this photo of Trump gone viral?

This [possibly edited] photo of Trump is trending. But why? Is it his luxuriant swept back hair? His coy over-the-shoulder invitation to join him in a frolicsome adventure? The lush greenery of the White House south lawn? Please submit your best guess in the comments.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash Read the rest

New York state sues Trump admin for Global Entry ban against NYers

NY lawsuit vs. Trump to challenge federal ban on New Yorkers from enrolling in programs that allow travelers to skip ahead at airport security lines

BREAKING NEWS: Don't fuck with New York.

New York is suing the Trump Administration because Trump just blocked state residents from enrolling in the Global Entry. Read the rest

Mike Pompeo issues a clever tweet to show his solidarity with Nancy Pelosi

Remember the 1991 episode of The Simpsons, called "Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington," in which a tearful Lisa tears up an essay she wrote after she witnesses government officials engaged in corrupt behavior? Well, U.S. Secretary of State remembers that episode, too, and he cleverly chose it to show his solidarity with Senator Pelosi for ripping up Trump's State of the Union address. Trump and his delusional followers will think Pompeo is making fun of Pelosi, but everyone else is in on the sly message of support from inside the walls of Trumpistan. Well played, Mike!

Read the rest

Romney to vote in favor of article of Trump impeachment on abuse of power

Wow. A single Republican senator has a spine after all.

Utah Senator Mitt Romney says he will vote in favor of the article of impeachment on abuse of power against President Donald John Trump.

“The president is guilty of a flagrant abuse of public trust,” said Romney just now. Read the rest

Despite impeachment, Trump approval rating hits new Gallup poll high

Illegitimate U.S. President Donald John Trump is experiencing a lift in the polls, despite being manifestly corrupt and unfit, and in the middle of an impeachment trial. Read the rest

Trump congratulated Superbowl winners Kansas City Chiefs who "represented the Great State of Kansas"

After the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV, President Donald Trump tweeted his congratulations to the team who, er, "represented the Great State of Kansas."


Within a few minutes, he deleted the tweet and posted a corrected version. Here's a response from Claire McCaskill, former Democratic senator from Missouri (2007-2019):

Read the rest

Kansas City Chiefs win Super Bowl, Trump congratulates "great state of Kansas"

The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV Sunday night and impeached President Donald Trump jumped on Twitter to congratulate the team.

Former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill responded on behalf of the American people.

It's going to be a long week.

Trump shares then deletes tweet praising Chiefs for representing 'Great State of Kansas' (The Hill) Read the rest

Trump administration ends Obama-era landmine restriction

As predicted, via the Trump White House — the Pentagon is relaxing its policy on the use of landmines by U.S, forces, so that landmines can be used on the Korean peninsula. Read the rest

Shots fired near Trump's Mar-a-Lago, SUV breaches security, 2 female suspects in custody

Friday, Jan. 31, 1:40PM Eastern: FBI spokesman James Marshall tells reporters FBI is aware of an incident at Mar-A-Lago and have agents responding to the scene. A car chase near the resort ended with shots being fired near President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort Friday in Florida, police said. Officials are still determining the details. Read the rest

Landmines are actually good, says Defense Sec as Trump prepares to undo Obama-era landmine ban

The Trump administration is planning to make landmines great again. Read the rest

New Bolton book bombshell: Earlier allegation of Trump in Ukraine pressure campaign

Trump asked national security adviser last spring in front of other senior advisers to arrange meeting between Rudolph Giuliani and Ukraine’s new leader Zelensky

Well, who bet that more John Bolton book bombshells would explode on Friday? You win. Read the rest

Trump's spiritual advisor says her prayer for a "all satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now" was taken out of context

Paula White, who is in charge of the White House's Faith and Opportunity Initiative, said her recent sermon in which she asked her god to cause "all satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now" was taken out of context, reports CNN.

A video of her January sermon, White can be heard saying, "In the name of Jesus, we command all satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now. We declare that anything that's been conceived in satanic wombs that it'll miscarry, it will not be able to carry forth any plan of destruction, any plan of harm."

White defended her comment on Twitter, saying, "I was praying Eph 6:12 that we wrestle not against flesh and blood. Anything that has been conceived by demonic plans, for it to be cancelled and not prevail in your life... That is- any plans to hurt people. Let's be clear what is really going on... this is a disingenuous attempt to use words out of context for political gain. I will just keep praying!"

Image: Twitter Read the rest

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