Trump claims, without evidence, that he is "extremely happy"

File with "I can change the 14th Amendment with an executive order" and "no collusion". [via] Read the rest

MAGA Blocks are the perfect holiday gift for xenophobes-in-training

After you've ordered your Trumpy Bear, be sure to pick up the Build the Wall set of MAGA Blocks. This 101-piece block set will have your kids turning away desperate refugees in no time. Comes with a President Trump mini-figure wearing a MAGA hard hat!

This fun for the whole family comes from the folks at, which offers a staggering array of unlicensed Trump garbage including CNN toilet paper and Trump Sends Hillary to Prison action figures.


(via KeepandBear) Read the rest

Man shouts 'Heil Hitler! Heil Trump!' in Baltimore theater during 'Fiddler on the Roof'

Amid a growing number of lethal anti-Jewish hate attacks, including a gun massacre at a synagogue that left 13 dead, a man shouts “Heil Trump” in a crowded theater. Audience members told a reporter they believed they were about to die in a mass shooting. Read the rest

Federal judge: Lawsuit against Andrew Anglin of 'Daily Stormer' can proceed, Nazi hate speech isn't protected

In Montana today, a federal judge said the First Amendment doesn't protect a pro-Nazi internet publisher from being sued for instructing his readers to unleash a "troll storm" that materialized in a barrage of anti-Semitic threats against a Jewish woman and her family in Whitefish. Read the rest

Lawyer Michael Avenatti arrested on felony domestic violence allegations: LAPD

Michael Avenatti has been arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion of domestic violence. Read the rest

Coalition of small cable operators calls for antitrust investigation into Comcast (Trump agrees)

The American Cable Association (ACA) represents 700+ small/medium US cable operators; they've written to the Assistant Attorney General calling for an "immediate" antitrust investigation into Comcast's business practices, a call that was supported by Donald Trump in a tweet. Read the rest

FBI report shows thousands more hate crimes in Trump's first year, a record high

In news that will not surprise anyone who is Black, Latinx, Jewish, Muslim, queer, or a member of any other group targeted by hateful idiots, hate crimes in America are way up under Trump. Says who? FBI. Read the rest

CNN sues Trump and White House aides over Jim Acosta ban

CNN is suing President Donald Trump and various White House aides over the administration's ban on chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta. Read the rest

Wife of GOP mega-donor to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Lost in the chaos of last week's news was the announcement of President Trump's Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients. This is the first group of recipients from the Trump presidency and the list feels a little random; heavy on the posthumous, heavy on the athletes.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the nation's highest civilian honor. It honors those who have made "an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors." This year's recipients are:

-Miriam Adelson -Orrin Hatch -Alan Page -Elvis Presley -Babe Ruth -Antonin Scalia -Roger Staubach

If the first name sounds vaguely familiar, it's because Miriam Adelson is the wife of Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson. The casino magnate and his wife donated $25 million dollars to Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and have given nearly $130 million dollars to the GOP for this year's election cycle, which I'm sure had absolutely nothing to do with her selection. The award ceremony will be held on November 16th at the White House.

Elvis Presley, Babe Ruth To Be Honored With Presidential Medal Of Freedom (Dino-Ray Ramos/Deadline)(Photo: Union20/Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0) Read the rest

Grandson of Winston Churchill declares rain-fearing Trump "pathetic" and "inadequate"

Sir Arthur Nicholas Winston Soames, member of parliament and grandson of Sir Winston Churchill, laid into Donald Trump for his shameful cowardice in the face of rain.

Read the rest

Trumpy Bear: 22-inch toy with US flag stuffed inside

Trumpy Bear [Amazon] is a thing this holiday season: an incredibly expensive teddy bear with a blond wig stapled on and a flag stuffed into a "hidden zipper". Wittgenstein's advice is recommended: "What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence." [via Snopes] Read the rest

#ProtectMueller protests demand justice, “Trump is not above the law.” (Video, Photos)

Take it to the streets, America. The investigation into Trump's corruption and likely criminality must not be stopped. Read the rest

Trump White House suspends credentials for CNN's Jim Acosta UPDATE: Sanders uses Prison Planet video as "proof"

The White House has suspended the press credentials of CNN's Jim Acosta after President Trump clashed with the reporter during today's batshit crazy press conference. Read the rest

Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigns at request of Donald Trump, forced out less than 24 hours after midterm elections

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has submitted his letter of resignation to the White House. "Thank you for the opportunity, Mr. President," he closes. Read the rest

Trump's weirdest lie yet: "The Democrat plan would obliterate Obamacare"

"Which is good," he added. "But it'll leave the bad parts behind."

After the Republicans voted more than 60 times to repeal Obamacare, their president has a new lie to peddle: that they're its great defenders. It's a new variant of Poe's law: a position so ridiculous it's impossible to tell if it's comedy.

Shame there's nothing funny about it: the truth is that for Republicans, killing Obamacare (and Medicare more generally) remains the first order of business. Read the rest

Ivanka Trump to get 16 new China trademarks, including one for 'voting machines'

Why does Ivanka Trump need trademarks for nursing homes, sausage casing, and *voting machines* in China? Or do we not want to know. Read the rest

Washington Examiner's twitter account: Trump going to hell

They surely got hacked, but some of those guys are on the strong stuff and you just never know what happens when you mix high-proof conservatism with Jesus and give everyone unlimited access to the Twitter account.

Update: The Examiner said their feed was hacked and a tweet was posted that did not come from our staff. Read the rest

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