Supreme Court ruling creates urgent need for abortion clinic escorts

The Supreme Court has struck down a Massachusetts law establishing a "buffer zone" around abortion clinics, defining an area in which anti-choice protesters may not harass women who visit clinics. An important Metafilter post by Anotherpanacea points up the urgent need for more clinic escorts to help women through the gauntlet (I used to do clinic defense in Toronto's Morgantaler Clinic, which was later bombed by anti-choice terrorists). Read the rest

American overseas volunteerism: what really works

Peter writes, "My niece has been an unflagging volunteer for as long as I can remember. Recently she's come to realize that maybe everything she might want to do isn't what's actually needed: 'I think we're finally doing aid right, and I'm not there.'" Read the rest

EFF student activist internships open to applicants

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's student summer activism internships are now open to applicants; you've got until April 22 to apply. Start your engines!

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student who is interested in protecting civil liberties online and fighting for a free and open Internet? Do you have strong writing and research skills? Do you love delving into the latest issues in technology, privacy, intellectual property, and transparency? Apply for EFF's Summer Activism Internship!

The Activism Intern will work closely with EFF's activism team to create new campaigns, action alerts, and issue pages, research new issues in digital civil liberties, and update existing web pages on EFF's sprawling website.

Work for EFF's Activism Team This Summer Read the rest