The evolution of Sugar Bear

The evolution of Honeycomb Super Sugar Crisp cereal's Sugar Bear, from kissable little mascot to insufferable rat-pack prick. Link (Via Journalista)


  1. Please let me be one of the first three hundred to mention that Sugar Bear was not the mascot of Honeycomb cereal, but instead of Super Sugar Crisp (later Super Honey Crisp and then ‘Golden Crisp’.)

    He was also a significant character on the old Linus the Lionhearted cartoon series, which had nothing to do with cereal but was a frighteningly large part of my growing up. I only ever saw it on CHSJ, so it’s entirely possible it was Canadian only, but still.

  2. p.s.- just to be nitpicky/annoying, sugar bear is the mascot for Sugar Crisp aka Golden Crisp cereal, Honeycomb cereal is a whole different breed (though also Post), with a different annoying mascot.

  3. Notice how Sugar Bear matured from a kinda tubby little softie into a bleary-eyed huge-chested “Leroy Brown” style tough.

    I’ve got the current Sugar Bear bobblehead here and he looks like the poster boy for gynecomastia.

  4. #2: “He was also a significant character on the old Linus the Lionhearted cartoon series”

    AAHHHHH! I haven’t thought of that show for (google google) . . . well, it looks like forty years or so. The only memory I had of it is the closing sequence, when a raccoon character swept up.

    And whaddayaknow, Sugar Bear is there in the opening sequence on YouTube.

    “which had nothing to do with cereal”

    Actually, EVERYTHING to do with cereal. “Linus the Lionhearted”‘s characters were all cereal mascots. Apparently the FCC asked ABC to pull the show because it was essentially an advertisement.

  5. Gerry Matthews was the original voice of Sugar Bear, patterning him after Dean Martin.

    I didn’t know all the characters were from cereal — I only ever saw Sugar Bear’s face on a box (and for that matter, I only ever saw Sugar Bear in actual cereal commercials. Well, and Grannie.)

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