Comics with Problems: "Captain Awareness"

Ethan Persoff, who archives "comics with problems," shares a new instructive gem with us -- "Captain Awareness." Ethan explains,

If you enjoyed Captain Al Cohol, the blond and blue eyed alcoholic alien sent to teach temperance to the Inuits -- or if you fell hard for Captain Veedee-O, whose journey to VD Claptrap left you wishing for a sequel that included Uranus - Then you will definitely enjoy the THIRD CAPTAIN added to Comics With Problems: Captain AWARENESS -- who teaches us what happens when Captain Al Cohol and Capt Veedee-O collide.


  1. “He raped me. …With sexual assault.”? Is that different than being sexually assaulted …with rape? At least the art is good. I’ve seen mainstream superhero books that don’t look so good.

  2. I think the defining moment came when Diane, fleeing her inner demons by running out of the classroom, almost runs straight into Mike’s shiny crotch. Hooray awareness!

  3. OK, just checking, the line “He raped me. …With sexual assault” wasn’t actually on the original cover right? And the shiny crotch on p. 2 wasn’t there, because it’s just a closeup of p. 17 which doesn’t have the photoshop flare effect. I figure everything after p. 3 is the real deal though.

  4. You’re right. The “Your Letters” page shows the real cover. Pages 1 & 2 were photoshoped. Well done though.

  5. Alexandre Rizos, if you don’t stop posting superficial comments that feature a link to your own weblog, I’m going to ban you for a week. As it is, I’ve removed the links.

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