Dead bug funeral Kit


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  1. evilrooster says:

    Note to self – do parodies faster.

  2. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    Evilrooster FTW!

  3. thepez says:

    Wow. I used to perform live burials of ants in beer and soda cans as kid living in West Texas. Now I find out I could be making money marketing that twisted compulsion.

  4. franko says:

    i’m with you, thepez — why the hell didn’t *i* think of this??

  5. larisa0001 says:

    This is great! The next fly I swat will get a grand burial, complete with eulogy. I’m not sure I need the kit for it; I think it will be a more meaningful event if it does not come from a prefabricated kit. I can write the eulogy myself. My fellow mourners and I will weep copiously.

  6. benzle says:

    Wow, I think this would be perfect for those jerks over at the Japanese bug fights web site, is this really just a coincidence BoingBoing?

  7. nolly says:

    But what about the eulogy for subtly wrong code? Or blatantly wrong, what-were-they-thinking code?

  8. Cory Doctorow says:

    Evilrooster, you are as a god to me!

  9. evilrooster says:

    Nolly @5:

    Here you go.

    Refactoring Bob changed the line
    if i !> x do to
    if i < x do. Looked fine
    When he ran a use case or two.

    He checked the change in as “all tested,
    Compiled and ready to ship!”
    Though QA complained and protested,
    The deadlines weren’t subject to slip.

    The system looked fine throughout beta
    And Wired said its future was bright.
    But then, with the userbase greater*,
    A cluster of faults came to light.

    The bug reports soon flooded in;
    The system phoned home in distress.
    Support found their patience wear thin,
    Till management queried “the mess”.

    Retesting to track down the glitch
    Was run, and it soon stood revealed:
    The use case (i = x) which
    Inadequate tests had concealed.

    A fix was soon made and compiled
    And users, their systems now patched,
    Then found their results reconciled.
    And thus was this code bug despatched.

    * An evil rhyme, but it had to be done

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