Sex Workers' tales in comic form by Peter S. Conrad

Yesterday here on Boing Boing, I pointed to two new projects about the sex trade from my friend Susannah Breslin: Letters from Johns and Letters from Working Girls. She says:

In the comments, a reader posted a link to a project in which the artist had turned sex worker stories into comic strips. That artist is Peter S. Conrad, a Northern California based writer and artist whose work has appeared in True Porn and will appear in I Saw You: Missed Connection Comics. I dropped Conrad an email about the project. He wrote back and sent the comic I've posted here. I asked him if I could ask him a few questions, and he said yes.
So today, Susannah has posted a short interview with Conrad, and the rest of "Going Back," with larger scans of his work. Link (contains explicit, adult material).


  1. What’s with the recent interest in the sex trade lately? In a matter of weeks, it seems like it’s been higher profile than before (though, I could be imagining it.) There are the posts here, all the coverage of Diablo Cody and her old blog, and local Vancouver publication (and Tower Records standard until Tower folded) Cinema Sewer just published a zine following the life and times of a prostitute. Just FYI, the link, it’s NSFW. OK? XOXO

  2. wow, the woman in that comic has such amazing contempt for her job and the people paying her $2-300 per hour. to that, i have to say: there are thousands of $10 an hour temp office jobs going for anyone who needs money and doesn’t want to have sex with ugly guys.

    i know that for a fact, because i’m also broke and don’t like having sex with ugly guys. i also used to date a sex worker who (mostly) enjoyed what she did and loved the money she made. bottom line is, if you hate your job so much that it makes you cry, then maybe you should find something else.

  3. I used to work in the industry myself. It takes a certain kind of person to enjoy the work, there is a certain kind of cynical contempt that you have to have, and be able to fake not having it for the clients. I didn’t mind the work, I just didn’t jazz the clients all that much and I gradually ran out of work because I wasn’t getting many regulars. I quit just because I was sick of going several nights in a row making no money at all.

  4. A couple of things are driving the attention. This and the last Japanese governments have been attempting to water down this history is probably the most important reason and people are getting older and are starting to die that were involved, so time is running out the get their stories.

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