Sex gadget expose on Mississippi tv news (where they're illegal)

Cory Silverberg,'s Sexuality editor, points to a hilarious local news segment in Mississippi titled "Adult Store Caught Selling Illegal Sex Toys."
After hearing rumors that the “Adult Video and Books” boutique on McDowell Road, which had previously been busted for selling sex toys, was at it again, the intrepid Kandiss Crone from the 3 On Your Side “news” team decided to go undercover. Based on the secret audio recording, it sounds like she was confronted with a helpful sales person who sold her a vibrator (she chose “the purple one”). She then went back to confront an unimpressed but entirely pleasant store owner who tried to explain to Ms. Crone all the different places on your body you can use a vibrator (the one’s not prohibited by law in Mississippi).

You really have to watch the segment to believe it. I’ve watched it twice, and am left with several thoughts:

1. I love that the store is wheelchair accessible. I live in a major city and 90% of the stores here aren’t. Bravo “Adult Video and Books”.
2. How pathetic was it that they couldn’t even get the cops interested in the store? It seems like the “3 On Your Side” team are the only ones who care about this sex store selling sex toys. This begs the question; whose side are they on?
3. The “reporter” chose a vibrator that matched her sweater. Coincidence?

Link to Cory Silverberg's post, and Link to the video (WMV).