Homemade Obama "hope beacon" with LED light thingies

Dan Ancona says,

A few preliminary pictures of an Obama rallying sign created by artist, designer and maker James Home, based on the image created by Shepard Fairey. Amazing BlinkM lighting technology courtesy of Mike Kuniavsky and ThingM Global Marketing.

This thing looks completely amazing in action. It basically works like a political tractor beam, pulling in the formerly hopeless, cynical and apathetic and parking them in the warm shuttle bay of hope and action. Something like that.

Here's a pic of it doing its thing.

Link. (thanks, WdGIII!)

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  1. If that’s it “doing its thing”…

    It’s kind of just a translucent material with a few lights behind it, no?

    Someone tell me what’s interesting about it, I’m missing something.

  2. Going for the important Kitteh demographic. Although I think that the LOL vote will go to Huckabee since he looks like a small, humorous, forest creature. Nooooooooooo! They be stealin mah dignity.

  3. I hope Obama is our next president, but I just can’t get over how wrong those posters look.

    I’m tempted to make an “Emmanuel Goldstein” poster of Bush’s face in counter-propaganda style, to be pasted up across the street.

    Cognitive dissonance for all…

  4. What is with the lolcats language on that first poster?

    I think you’re supposed to finish the sentence with “a posse” when you read it.

  5. I hope they don’t post these in Massachusetts. Up here, we seem to have issues with signs that are rigged with LEDs.

  6. Shepherd Fairey: proving once again that fifteen minutes of manipulating someone else’s photograph with Photoshop filters will indeed produce some of the most banal, predictable images imaginable.

    “But this one has blinking lights!”

    I’m waiting for the version that goes “ping!”

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