Make Magazine visits MAD Magazine


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  1. pspinrad says:

    I had the same experience as a kid with my parents visiting NYC– looking up and seeing the “Madison” street sign– but I actually *did* convince my parents to find MAD’s offices and knock on the door. We got a tour from John Ficarro, and I was completely thrilled and remember it fondly, although Mostlymuppet’s comment does make me also remember that I was disappointed that none of the actual “Usual Gang…” was there (let alone people riding on the ceiling in tricycles).

    Nick Meglin asked my dad, “So, you actually let him read this crap?” And before we left, John Ficarro gave me a copy of the upcoming issue along with a MAD in Portuguese, both of which I think are still being cherished at the bottom of a drawer.

    BTW, my favorite “Separated From Birth?” — William M. Gaines or Jerry Garcia?

  2. ebjorn says:

    Is that Alfred E. Newman or William H. Macy?

  3. Art Carnage says:

    Ha! “Up the Academy!” MAD’s answer to Animal House. A movie so bad that one of the stars (Ron Leibman) had his name removed from the credits.

  4. mostlymuppet says:

    I visited their offices way back in December of 1991 and was crestfallen. As a teen boy with a regular subscription to MAD I had visions of teams of laughing writers riffing off one another while artists in green accountant’s visors sketched next month’s issue.

    Some of the artifacts were there as evidenced in the Flickr photos but my childish hopes were dashed. Only a few editors worked there and the “talent” were all contractors.

    Plus, it probably wasn’t fun for them to take some gangly, awkward teenager around. I looked like a taller Afred E. Neuman.

  5. klg19 says:

    Oh my gosh, I had a 2-hour tour of the offices of MAD and DC Comics just last week! I wanted desperately to take photos but was too shy to ask if it was OK. What a treat this Flickr set is–thanks!

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