Aussie comedy duo explain subprime meltdown


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  1. yatima says:

    National treasures. Their mockumentary on the Sydney Olympics is so funny it hurts.

  2. Lucifer Sam says:

    Here’s another good one – esp. if you’re in the UK and know who Northern Rock and Melvin King are..


  3. travelina says:

    Even more hysterical Brit comedy duo Bird & Fortune explain the meltdown:

  4. Ape Lad says:

    Brilliant. “People who don’t know what they’re doing will buy anything.”

  5. slists says:

    Another well put together primer with stick figures.
    The last few slides sum it up.

  6. DoorFrame says:

    The front fell off!

  7. Not a Doktor says:

    Yeah I’d have to say this is as great as the “front fell off”

  8. thornae says:

    These guys are one of the few reasons I’d bother to watch TV, before I stopped completely.

    Their dry satire and willingness to puncture political targets of all stripes have stayed good for years, and don’t look to be slowing up any time soon.

  9. Steiny says:

    For everyone who enjoyed “The Front Fell Off” this version, despite the washed-out video, contains the extra 8 seconds cut off on most YouTube copies, which is perhaps the funniest bit of all:

  10. segmentation fault says:

    fucking fantastic.

  11. Chocolatey Shatner says:

    I believe this must be the rare case of “It’s not funny because it’s true.”

  12. ianm says:

    If you search youtube for Clarke and Dawe they have a load of great clips.

    My favorite is most definitely ‘front fell off’ about an oil spill from a tanker:

    Thanks for the link, BB!

  13. Steiny says:

    Ahh IANM @ #6, you beat me to it! The first thing that always pops into my head at the mention of Clarke and Dawe is “The front fell off!”

  14. Domster says:

    National treasures indeed. New Zealand is still mourning its loss (

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