Anachronisms in fine art photoshopping contest


6 Responses to “Anachronisms in fine art photoshopping contest”

  1. Antinous says:

    Is this….legal?

  2. Takuan says:

    cherubs, like angels, have no sex. Some of them like killing people though.

  3. Nick D says:

    I believe it’s both, allowing for maximum Victorian-era titillation.

  4. Takuan says:

    I vote for Saturn

  5. Dan says:

    After reading the description here and then looking at the entries, I was wondering why half of them didn’t know what the word anachronism meant. Then I looked at the contest description and realized that’s not exactly what the aim is.

  6. LogrusZed says:

    Is that little faerie a boy or a girl? I need to know so I can decide in which way to feel shame for inappropriate arousal.

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