WWW domain country codes of the world

Here's a neat poster to help you visualize all of the top-level domains in the world...

At the end of every URL and email address is a top-level domain (TLD). Although .com is the world’s most popular TLD, it is far from alone. There are more than 260 TLDs in use around the world, most of which are country code top-level domains (ccTLDs).

The Country Codes of the World map includes 245 country codes, which encompasses all United Nations countries as well as numerous islands and territories. Each two-digit code is aligned over the country it represents and is color coded with the legend below for quick and easy reference.

Link, they're $30 each plus shipping. (via Kevin Kelly)


  1. I had to think about that one, Salad Days, and then the mental images came back to me.

    I swear to you, I shall have my revenge!

  2. Interesting touch, to make the size of the type proportional (with upper and lower end compressions) to the populations of the countries. Reflects, one could say, the potential of the countries. Hmmm. UK is doing OK, but I have to swallow a bit of post-imperial hubris. And, I’m fascinated to see US sinking back into the background. I’m not anti-american, but, like much of the population of the world, am a bit weary of the assumption that the US has some special place in the scheme of things. Go Brazil. Go India. Etc.

  3. it would have been much cooler if the size of the text was determined by how many addresses were registered to that tld, rather than just the population.

  4. Maybe .us is so small because a lot of people feel .com, by default, means an American website. (usually it’s the people who run those websites:P)

  5. Definitely would have been much cooler if they used number of tld registrations for the size rather than just the population.

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