Isabella Rossellini's bug porno videos now online


Chris Tackett of says: "I recall you doing this post on Isabella Rossellini's bug porn. The videos [called "Green Porno"] are now viewable, so we did a post about that." Link


  1. This is a fascinating expansion of the ‘porn’ genre, if that’s really what this is. They feel more like kickass educational films.

  2. “They feel more like kickass educational films.”

    I’m not sure thats the case. I haven’t seen the films but an article i read explained said the film explained the praying mantis mating and it was using some outdated information about it.

  3. Well, I sure didn’t see the end of the fly video coming. O_O

    I must say, I have new respect for male flies and praying mantises.

  4. It seems she’s playing a male bug in most of these films. So it’s transgendered bug porn!

  5. do not look at me you little mantis, you. don’t you look at me… DON’T YOU FUKKIN LOOK AT ME!!! (huff, huff..) mmaaaammeeeeeee……

  6. If I were a firefly I would light up my ass at night.. AHAHAhahahhaHAH Ahahah

    I love these.

  7. I know there are ways around the non USAsian territiry bind, but has it struck anyone else as being against the idea of the internet to put such bars in place in the first place?

    It’s applying old media paradigms to the new mdia that has already operated very nicely thank you without them.

    Always seems to spring up in relation to the US.

    If I try to buy a levis jacket online I can not buy it because I am outside the US, but the US is constantly badgersin and hectoring it’s way into other markets under the banner of free trade.

    Sorry, went off on a spiral. But if you are in the US you are probably unaware that these obstacles exist.

  8. I have been waiting to see these since the original post about them. I think they are great, if a little disturbing. Especially the snail penetration. And the rotting head…

  9. awesome! love the s/m snails! and the gratuitous nipples!

    *le sigh*

    I wonder how long it’ll be before there’s a lawsuit ’cause some teacher showed them in class.

  10. #20: indeed she is, but COLDSPELL is a close second. Those of us outside the US and A owe you one, sir or madam.

  11. Ha, WTF?! This shit has me doubled over and barely able to type. And yes to the snail S/M, that’s f’ed up.

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