Hilarious money doodles

Flickr's Joe D! has a laugh-out-loud set of 75 "refaced" US bank-notes, in which the various dead presidents are reinvented as a series of ever-funnier defacements. Link (Thanks to everyone who suggested these!)


  1. I saw this, and the first thing I could think of is how I want someone to design stickers- thin strips I can paste on every bill. The top one reads “THE WAR IN IRAQ” that fits over “United States of America,” and “$3,000,000,000,000” that fits over the denomination at the bottom.

  2. @ #1

    Buy an ink stamp with changeable text (they are like $20). Then stamp your thoughts on whatever bills you want. When you buy a coffee drop the bills in the tip jar if your worried about getting caught. It’s the best advertising money can buy.

  3. Somewhere in my stuff there’s a dollar bill rubber stamped in red: STOP THE WAR

    We did thousands of them. It (they) worked, I guess.

  4. Next phase: make an animation out of a series of these. The “SPARTA” one, predictably, would do nicely.

  5. …And for those worried about getting caught defacing paper currency, the Treasury Department hasn’t busted anyone for currency defacing since they quit putting pure silver in coins. In fact, most of the busts quit after they started putting ridges on the edges of coins to help dissuade people from shaving bits of silver off of nickels, dimes and quarters. When those denominations actually *bought* something en solo, this was a problem and some banks actually reported customers who turned in coins that had been shaved – whether they’d done the deed or not.

    …Nowadays, the only time the T-Men will bust anyone for defacing currency is if they can catch them in the act, and that usually occurs only when someone’s dumb enough to provide some way of tracking them down. And that usually occurs only in cases like that “Silver Surfer” quarter flap from a while back.

  6. Would be nice if this perpetrator learned to use a camera properly though. The doodles are awfully hard to see.

  7. @9

    Nowadays, the only time the T-Men will bust anyone for defacing currency is if they can catch them in the act

    Or, if they are stupid enough to post their handiwork on flickr. With their picture.
    The code:
    United States Code
    § 333. Mutilation of national bank obligations
    What stupid things people do…

  8. @11

    Title 18, § 333 of the U.S. Code actually requires, “…intent to render such bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence of debt unfit to be reissued…”

    While the degree to which these bills have been marked may make them technically unfit for reissue, I doubt you could make make a case the the intent was to make it unfit, as presumably the artist wants the bill to remain in circulation.

    As a Where’s Georger, I frequently encounter the misconception that marking U.S. currency is, in itself, illegal.

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