Darth Vader, blues harmonicist


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  1. Anselm says:


    Bonnie- “Bruno“?!

  2. Jack says:

    Of course the most prominent tall, black man in the Star Wars universe kicks the bucket playing harmonica. Wouldn’t expect anything less from the same folks who brought us Jar jar Binks!

  3. w000t says:

    Reminded me of the (also) very funny Vader Sessions

  4. jonom says:

    That’s nuthin…

    Darth plays violin here in Victoria, BC.


  5. okkoto says:

    i always thought that looked like a harmonica as a kid.


  6. Adam Price says:

    As previously noted – the Harmonica Track is “Lost John” by Sonny Terry. This clip doesn’t include the hottest portions of it. It is available on the “Treasury of Library of Congress Field Recordings.” The album, as the title suggests, has some real treasures on it, and is highly recommended by this commenter.

  7. arkizzle says:



  8. Chemical Orphan says:

    Pretty cool, but I am a little troubled that someone doesn’t know the difference between “around the 30 second mark” and around the 45-second mark.

  9. DKT says:

    Holy cow, that cracked me up. I knew it was coming but the way Luke kept looking at him…Awesome.

  10. MRCarter says:

    Anakin “Sonny Terry” Skywalker on harmonica!

  11. Bonnie says:

    Vader’s no Bruno!

  12. phillamb168 says:

    Name that song!

    Seriously, I want.

  13. ill lich says:

    Ahhhh. . . so that’s the real origin of the word “w00t.”

  14. phillamb168 says:

    Found it, ala MrCarter’s Anakin quip – THANKS!!!

    It’s “Lost John” by Sonny Terry. w00t!

  15. Stefan Jones says:

    Palpatine played a mean washboard.

  16. phillamb168 says:

    Incidentally, “Lost John” (or “Long John” for some) is an old WC Handy tune, which may or may not be the inspiration for Terry’s performance here. Anyway, you should go check out Louis Armstrong’s version of the tune on his “Louis Armstrong Plays WC Handy” album, one of my all-time favorite Jazz recordings.

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