1972 Computer Space video arcade game on eBay

There's a working, vintage "Computer Space" (wiki) - the first video arcade machine - on ebay. current bid is already over $4,500.

There's a video of a simulation (not original play) here. More info from Antique Computer site.


umbert.jpg UPDATE: Coop says: "We used to have one of those, in yellow. I drew a slightly-tweaked version for a PAPER magazine fashion spread."


  1. I believe a white version of that console appears in the movie Soylent Green…

  2. I remember playing that machine at the mall in the early 70s.

    The cabinet was better than the game, even then!

  3. Versions of this game also appear on the Monorails in the MMO Virtual Magic Kingdom (Hurry to see – it goes offline forever TODAY!)

  4. a white version of that console appears in the movie Soylent Green…

    Caucasian, you mean.

    And, WOW. This is beautiful compared to the one we have for Donkey Kong and -every- other cabinet I played in arcades when I was kid.

  5. The cabinet came in several colours. At an antiques store near where I lived ten years ago they had one in glittery turquoise. No screen, but with all other original electronics, for $150. It didn’t occur to me what it was until it had already been sold.

  6. i have some friends who have a red one. in fact, i was just drooling over it in their garage a couple weekends ago. such a coveted machine!

  7. We had a red version of this deposited at Fleming House at Caltech back around 1971-72. It was put there to get feedback from students. I believe someone involved in creating it might have been a grad who had resided at Fleming House.

  8. The housing is just awesome. Looks like you could hop on and ride it. Sybian should look into something like this.

  9. Wow, I know where there is one for sale in town here for $1200… I think I may go get it.

  10. I’m pretty sure this was the machine I remember from the 1972 World Science Fiction Convention in L.A.
    The company had a few of them in a row in a hospitality suite. One night, First Fandom (a club of people who were active in science fiction fandom by the 1930’s) hijacked the suite and had a closed party.

  11. I believe a white version of that console appears in the movie Soylent Green…

    …You are correct…er, Madam? Anyway, the console does appear in the movie as a gift from the soon-to-be-assassinated William R. Simonson for his furniture, Shirl. The video cuts in and out occasionally during gameplay, which was one of the subtle hints that the future of 2022 is one where electronics may exist, but their reliability is so close to shit that it’s a miracle that they work at all. The same can be applied to most anything, as the film continues to imply throughout the journey to the end.

    …As for the case design, one of the arcade houses around here had four of them for years, and according to the guys who ran the place, they were available in six colors: white, black, blue, red, yellow and a dark green. The latter four were in “glitter colors”, while the white and black ones were in gloss only. IIRC, there -may- have been a conversion kit to upgrade these to a single version of Space Wars – the one with the black hole in the middle of the screen – but don’t hold me to that one. It’s been damn near 30 years since I’ve seen one of these in the plastic, much less running!

  12. I played that! At King’s Island amusement park in about 1972 or 1973. I’d never seen anything remotely like it, and I wouldn’t see anything like it again for another six years or more.

    I remember spending all my quarters (which were worth a lot more back then) and leaving only when my mother dragged me out, telling me “we didn’t come here for you to play pinball.”

    Little did she know how prescient the event would prove to be.

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  14. If youre into classic cabs – two places to check out KLOV’s forums (Killer List of Video Games) which has most of the collectors chatter:


    and if you’re in San Jose or in the area this summer it’d be a crime not to check out CAX (California Extreme) – an “owners” show where people bring in examples of their collection of video and pinball plus unreleased prototypes from Atari and rarities:


    A side mention to the laser-game collectors who have also a decent amount of representation at CAX:


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