Today's XKCD: "Starwatching"


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  1. ethan says:

    Judging from the like two seconds that I talked to him at the meetup in Boston, Randall’s wicked nice. And kind of really cute. He signed my wallet and I fainted.

  2. bursilak says:

    OK seriously, does anyone know how we can nominate Randall for a Nobel Literature Prize?

  3. Vanwall says:

    xkcd and boingboing are a dangerous mix – at one point while giving my son a ride home, we had a serious discussion about picking up a cape and goggles and dropping them off at Mysterious Galaxy for Cory Doctorow’s appearance there that day. Missed that window of op – no capes to be found on short notice. Damn. Have to plan ahead better, I guess, but it was a spur-of-the-moment thingie.

  4. Evil Jim says:

    I groaned when I first saw this because I knew it would feature on BoingBoing withing five minutes.

  5. LaHaine says:

    As always with xkcd, don’t forget to read the alt text (just hover your mouse over the image).

  6. ridestowe says:

    hah thats awesome! xkcd never disappoints ;)

    and thanks for the tip lahaine, i’ve been reading xkcd for almost a year now and didnt know about the mouse hovering trick!

  7. historyman68 says:

    while we’re on topic, Dinosaur Comics (, Overcompensating (, Achewood ( all use alt text too. I’m not Firefox -savvy enough to do those plugins, so I usually just open them up in Safari.

  8. Thad E Ginataom says:

    Ridestowe: now you get to go over the whole xkcd archive and enjoy it all over again! Hint: Firefox truncates those mouseover texts, there’s an addin that prevents it doing that. Its mentioned somewhere on the xkcd site.

    Joel: many thanks for the NYTimes article link.

    BoinbBoing: Too many thanks for introducing me to xkcd, now a three-times-a-week part of my life.

    Oh, and xkcd: Thanks for making me feel that I too can be a superhero — because I know regular expressions!

  9. cha0tic says:

    Dr McNinja does the Alt text thing as well.

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