Today's XKCD: "Starwatching"

Boing Boing and I get another nice nod today in XKCD, Randall Munroe's fantastic geeky comic. I'm really looking forward to meeting Randall in person for the first time at 3PiCon in Massachusetts this summer where we'll both be guests of honor. Link (Thanks to everyone who suggested this!)


  1. As always with xkcd, don’t forget to read the alt text (just hover your mouse over the image).

  2. hah thats awesome! xkcd never disappoints ;)

    and thanks for the tip lahaine, i’ve been reading xkcd for almost a year now and didnt know about the mouse hovering trick!

  3. Ridestowe: now you get to go over the whole xkcd archive and enjoy it all over again! Hint: Firefox truncates those mouseover texts, there’s an addin that prevents it doing that. Its mentioned somewhere on the xkcd site.

    Joel: many thanks for the NYTimes article link.

    BoinbBoing: Too many thanks for introducing me to xkcd, now a three-times-a-week part of my life.

    Oh, and xkcd: Thanks for making me feel that I too can be a superhero — because I know regular expressions!

  4. Judging from the like two seconds that I talked to him at the meetup in Boston, Randall’s wicked nice. And kind of really cute. He signed my wallet and I fainted.

  5. xkcd and boingboing are a dangerous mix – at one point while giving my son a ride home, we had a serious discussion about picking up a cape and goggles and dropping them off at Mysterious Galaxy for Cory Doctorow’s appearance there that day. Missed that window of op – no capes to be found on short notice. Damn. Have to plan ahead better, I guess, but it was a spur-of-the-moment thingie.

  6. I groaned when I first saw this because I knew it would feature on BoingBoing withing five minutes.

  7. OK seriously, does anyone know how we can nominate Randall for a Nobel Literature Prize?

  8. while we’re on topic, Dinosaur Comics (, Overcompensating (, Achewood ( all use alt text too. I’m not Firefox -savvy enough to do those plugins, so I usually just open them up in Safari.

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