Body-swap: Man gives off silly doggo vibes while his golden retriever reacts like exasperated human (video)

In what could be straight out of a Freaky Friday style body-swap movie, a man gives off silly-doggo vibes when he plays a goofy joke on his golden retriever. Meanwhile, the pooch — named Marley — reacts with a hilarious "Are you serious?" expression that couldn't look any more human if he tried.

The "scene" begins with the man tricking his four-legged best friend into sniffing his shirt by sniffing it himself and then asking his dog, "Does this smell to you?" The dog looks suspicious, wondering what his human is up to this time, but finally relents and dips his head to give the shirt a sniff.

And that's when the man plants a big, wet, gotcha kiss on Marley's head. To which the pooch reacts by giving his friend a long, "You've gotta be kidding me" stare, looking both embarrassed for the man as well as amused. (See video below, posted by MarleyNYC.)

But when the man breaks into goofy loud chuckles, Marley can't help but see how adorable his two-legged pet is, rewarding him with some kisses of his own.

From ParadePets

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