Stormtroopers v. London cops

On Kiku's Tumblr page, this photo of Stormtroopers and London cops uneasily eyeing up one another. Link (via Wonderland)


  1. Do you know what’s going on?

    Maybe it’s another drill.

    Prisoner transfer for detention level seventeen.

    They may have split up. They may be on levels five and six.

  2. Note to terrorists — Wear a hoodie and the London cops will gun you down without a second thought. Wear plastic armor and carry antique machine guns, and they’ll only look at you funny.

  3. Carrying guns down the street is OK, just don’t let them catch you with a camera.

  4. oh man. theres cops… and cops like donuts, so you totally made a joke about it.


    spot on… spot on…

  5. I agree #9, thank God they’re only carrying guns.

    The cop’s thinking: “Isn’t he a little bit short for a stormtrooper?”

  6. No… We’re getting shipped out some armpit of a planet called Tatoine. Where are they sending you guys?

  7. It would be totally badass if the Arbiter walked in, then we’d have an intergalactic confrontation worth a few stares! >:D

  8. In the U.S. they’d have been shot to ribbons for making “threatening gestures”, no matter what they carried.

  9. Heh, exercise for the American viewers of Boing Boing: can you spot which one of the cops isn’t actually a police officer?

  10. DrHaggis:

    Hear, Hear. and here.

    I would do trooper cos-play, but I’d have to get armor that doesn’t constrict / completely dwarf me. And have more free time. And shave my head and look masculine, because I’d like to be accurate and the Emperor was a misogynist.

  11. “OMG! Bert! Is that really you?”
    “I had no idea your other hobby was dressing up and trying to look mean!”
    “Yeah, I admit it. I’m a PCSO. But don’t tell the other guys down Stormtrooper Club, OK?”

    With apologies to Police Community Support Officers. And Stormtroopers. Especially any PCSOs who are also Stormstoopers. Or vice versa.

  12. They’re not London cops. London cops wear red and white checkers, the city colors, no? Other British officers wear back and white.

  13. Looking at the uniforms, I don’t think any of the people captured in this image are Police Officers. At least one of the officers has blue lapels, and given all the officers don’t have much kit attached to their belts, I’d say they are all Community Support Officers (Google it for more information).

  14. The guns are clearly not a problem because, as we all know, stormtroopers can’t actually hit anything they shoot at.

  15. @Whackamole, you’re thinking of the City of London police, who do look ever-so-slightly different from traditional Metropolitan Police, they’re a force-within-a-force, with responsibility for the Square Mile and its environs. Those above, as some have commented, appear to be Community Support Officers, or at least the two leftmost ones do, I don’t notice the blue epaulettes on the rightmost one.

  16. #25 Simon Bradshaw

    Please write in with your address, so we can send you your prize: the internet.

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