World of World of Warcraft: the future of gaming


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  1. tallulahcrackersJ says:

    cheers to the Onion! we’re all avatars in the Mega Game. are you ready to wake up and play? EMAG OF EFIL

  2. Jaan says:

    They already did this joke on Mad About You, when Paul was hired to make a documentary called The Making of The Making of Titanic.

  3. Glark says:

    Awesome! Not not snazzy video but we did a similar thing here.

  4. Aneurysm says:

    Though the Onion writers may have though this concept to be a joke of their own creation, there is a bit of reality in it.

    I met a guy at PAX 2005 with a Warcraft PnP sourcebook who said that he met with friends in WoW to play the PnP Warcraft game. And yes, he was serious.

    I find this fractal geekdom disturbing.

  5. Bonegnawer says:

    oh god, it’s like Second Life @.@

  6. OriGuy says:

    Bill Moyer’s Journal on PBS reports that the NSA is monitoring Second Life and World of Warcraft, looking for “terrorist activity”. It’s discussed at Balloon Juice. Note that the video is from Hulu, which doesn’t stream outside the USA.

  7. desp says:

    This immediately reminded me of the following Penny Arcade strip:

  8. frankstendal says:

    Also done in an Escape Pod story:

  9. igpajo says:

    I once imagined a paper and die role playing game called “Life” where you’d role play as a character living a normal life. It’d be almost real time. You’d have to roll every time you crossed the street, stuff like that. But the rule book would be HUGE!!

  10. japroach says:

    Somewhat recent example, which I thought was good:

  11. Antiglobalism says:

    Vd gms r fr lsrs wh r t frd t prtcpt wth rlty.

    • Antinous says:

      Video games are for losers who are too afraid to participate with reality.

      You mean like posting in comment threads?

  12. Piet Stoaling says:

    Oh, my goodness. How is it possible to get so excited that a keystroke sounds like….. wait for it…. a KEYSTROKE!!!??? This is pointless! Why play a charecter playing a game? Surley it takes awa a level of realism by adding another interface between you and the actual game!. I think it is a silly, money making scheme, and those who get suckered in by it are just gullible!

  13. Jack says:

    Surprised nobody mentioned The Sims as a reference point.

  14. eustace says:

    Oh come on! This echoes my favorite XKCD!

  15. Kieran O'Neill says:

    #8: To quote the venerable Takuan, “For some, irony involves a board.”

    “many of whom say they spend hundreds of hours playing the game every week…”

  16. Paul says:


    I really hope you are being ironic

  17. strider_mt2k says:

    Ahhh, I love some absurdity in the morning.

    Makes me want to talk to someone about watching them watch someone make some coffee.

  18. ltoop says:

    I find it really amusing, since I registered to make a little flash game about a year and a half ago. Never actually found the time to do it, though :(

    Anyone who wants the domain to do something with it, contact me … I’ll give it away to a good owner!

  19. Jaxx says:

    This makes me think of a video series that’s being made over at mydamnchannel. Shrinky linkie (warning: language)

  20. snackcake says:

    Didn’t Dwight Shrute already do this on The Office?

  21. Munkcy says:

    Reminds me of a scene from Futurama. I believe it’s from the second episode, the one where they make the delivery to the Moon, and you see Bender playing “Virtual Skeeball” and then the video pans to the right and you see Amy playing “Virtual Virtual Skeeball.”

  22. Torley says:

    +1 for Second Life

    I thought this Onion clip was brilliantly done and delicious in its recursiveness. Now I’d like to see one, taken to extremes, with Zlad-like video feedback effects.

    I always thought it’s cute when the members of your would-be simulacrum had their own little games to play with, whether it’s Barbie with a Game Boy or another game-within-a-game diversion.

    Related clip some of you may be interested in, LucasFilm’s Habitat:


  23. Mantari says:

    #11: I caught that, too, and was going to comment on it here. I confess to multiplying 24*7, just to make sure, before I posted.

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