Charles and Ray Eames stamps


Yesterday, the US Post Office issued this wonderful commemorative sheet of 16 Charles and Ray Eames stamps. I bought 10 sheets.

Honoring the husband-and-wife design team of Charles and Ray Eames, this commemorative sheet of 16 stamps was designed by Derry Noyes of Washington, DC, and represents the breadth of their extraordinary body of creative work, which includes architecture, furniture, film and exhibits.
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  1. Those are really nice. My grandmother has the chair in the lower right corner. I didn’t like it when I was little but now I think it’s pretty cool.

    I noticed last time I was at the post office that the 1 cent stamps also had a furniture theme – very pretty.

  2. I love them. Too bad they won’t ship internationally from their online store. Is it really more efficient for them to take international orders via mail, fax, or phone?

  3. Why does the stamp price have a line through it? Could just photoshop that out? I don’t get it.

  4. Oo thanks for the reminder. I’d had the announcement saved on my for forever but I’d forgotten they were coming out yesterday. Just ran over to the post office and picked up a couple sheets.

  5. I have the chair that’s in the lower right corner, but it’s an earlier version — mine has cast iron legs and back support. It was made before WWII, before all the metal in the US went to the war effort.

    I’d much prefer to have one that’s entirely made of molded plywood…

  6. No. 7:

    what you are talking about is the LCM (Lunge chair metal) and what is shown is the LCW (lounge chair wood) both first produced in 1945.. the difference was more style than rationing

  7. FreakCitySF, I’m just guessing here, but I suspect the actual stamps don’t have a line through the price, and the Post Office just does that with the online preview images to keep people from printing them out and trying to use them as real stamps. (Not sure how well that would work, since real postage stamps are printed with ultraviolet ink that the machines scan for.)

    Anyone know how big one of the sheets is? I think I want to buy one and frame it.

  8. I wish to purchase some stamps. Will these be available at the post office?

    That’s how I picked mine up today. I’m guessing that the constraining dimension isn’t physical (i.e. a specialty online) but temporal (i.e. limited time only).

  9. I know it sounds picky, but they could have made the red rectangular “splash sheet” separate into fourths, each worth 42 cents, and still preserved the design…

    from #8 above “what you are talking about is the LCM (Lunge chair metal)…”

    I’m sorry it isn’t shown. Is it usually covered in blood?

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