HOWTO trick McDonald's into serving you "breakfast" at lunchtime and vice-versa

Casimir of Internets Celebrities says,

This is a video that illustrates a very simple food hack that anyone can do at McDonalds. Essentially, McDonalds employs the same oppressive menu rules as most fast food establishments and delis. You can't have breakfast food after 11am. And you can't have lunch food before that.

Attempting to undermine their arbitrary temporal laws of eating, we made a short video essay that documents an easy way to combine lunch and breakfast in spectacular futuristic (in the future, you'll be able to have whatever genre of meal at any time) fashion.

Fascinating in concept, but I don't know that I agree with calling any of this stuff "food" or a "meal." Link (Thanks, Casimir!)


  1. Simple solution – don’t ever eat at corporate, destructive, inhumane ‘restaurants’ and if you really want breakfast/lunch at ‘inappropriate’ times, go home and make it for yourself.

    Note, I love eating out, but I haven’t patronized a McDonalds or its ilk in at least a decade and a half. I believe it should be regarded as a serious character flaw for those who willfully do so. Support your local economy!

  2. I believe the “Eat that sh*t” title sums up everything nicely.

    Seriously, two overweight and aggressive boys cursing a blue streak because their prefab food-forms aren’t the right flavor to go with their gallon sized cokes?

    Yeah, this is why they hate us.

  3. That was quite the misleading headline. There is no “tricking” of McDonald’s involved. There are two guys buying twice as much food at different times.


  4. This is truly the most pathetic hack I have ever seen. Buy two meals 8 minutes apart and then reassemble them in new and equally unappetizing ways.

    Using the immortal words of Nancy Kerrigan….”whhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?”

  5. I hate to break it to you folks but what you call “Canadian Bacon” isn’t. If you only knew what you were missing. Oh, and up here it’s usually referred to as “back bacon” – a little piece of Canuck heaven. And don’t get me started on “white” vinegar on french fries . . .

    1. I hate to break it to you folks but what you call “Canadian Bacon” isn’t… And don’t get me started on “white” vinegar on french fries . . .

      I notice you didn’t put scare quotes around “french fries.”

  6. the reason they have to stop serving breakfast is that the temperature of the grill is different for non-breakfast food.

  7. holy shit that’s brilliant. Trick McDonalds into serving you breakfast at lunchtime by ordering it doing the allotted time they serve breakfast, and similarly tricking them into serving you lunch at breakfast time, by actually waiting until lunchtime to order the lunch.

    I predict a great future for this “Hacking” via accepting conformity to established parameters.

  8. @ #7 posted by colonel gentleman

    I don’t know if that’s a compliment or an insult since I have never heard of Pat or Achewood before. So no, that is not me.

    Although, after a brief skim, I think I like him and his vitriol.

  9. Damb. I was hoping that a few minutes after watching this video I’d be snacking on an egg mcmuffin. No such luck. No trick, no hack.

    I bet Ray Smuckles can get an egg mcmuffin anytime he wants, though.

  10. Well, those dudes aren’t from Pittsburgh. Anyone in this town knows that if you want an artery-clogger w/ egg, fries, cole slaw, hot sauce, and just about anything else, all you have to do is visit Primanti Brothers (the best sandwiches ever!). According to local legend, that evolved here because of the steel industry — back when the workers didn’t have a lot of extra time to eat lunch, so they ate everything on one sandwich.

    I think there are a few bars around here that still offer a “mystery meat” sandwich, but that’s another chapter in Pittsburgh culinary history.

  11. Also: America, you’re way to goddamned fat. Stop being so fat. We don’t have to eat as much as we think we do.

    signed, an ex-fat american.

  12. The Ghetto Big Mac was a legit McDonalds hack.

    This one is more just some junk-food decadence.

  13. Yeah. This is stoopid. If you want to eat breakfast after 11am, go someplace else. In Ohio, we do it at Bob Evans. Or cook yourself a g**d** egg, for cryin’ out loud.

    BTW… if McDonald’s did offer all the food all the time, you’d wait longer for it. And then complain about that, I guess.


  14. There’s five minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Neither funny nor a hack. Just oto obnoxious blow hards prepping for a future heart attack.

    Who approves these posts anyway.

  15. There’s five minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Neither funny nor a hack. Just oto obnoxious blow hards prepping for a future heart attack.

    Who approves these posts anyway.

  16. @botono9:

    McDonald’s Biscuit:
    Wheat flour (bleached and enriched with thiamine, niacin, iron, riboflavin, folic acid), cultured low fat buttermilk (cultured skim or low fat milk, sodium citrate, locust bean gun, modified food starch, carrageenan, tapioca flour or starch, mono- and diglycerides, salt, dextrose), vegetable oil (partially hydrogenated soybean and/or cottonseed), leavening (sodium bicarbonate, sodium aluminum phosphate, sodium acid pyrophosphate, monocalcium phosphate), sugar, salt, corn starch, calcium sulfate.

    McDonald’s Bacon:
    Cured with water, salt, sugar, smoke flavoring, sodium phosphate, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite.


    Ah, three kinds of sodium, just like mom used to fry up.

    It’s pre-fab, pre-cooked, food-forms made in the exact same way for MILLIONS every day. Sameness, soulless, un-food.

    I don’t know about Cory, but I subsist on food I don’t need chemistry books to understand.

  17. This is one of the reasons I like Sonic Drive-In as a fast food chain. Both the Breakfast and Lunch Menus are available all day long.

    Now I just need one that stays open 24 hours like many McDs do.

  18. #2:

    Another solution is to eat at a corporate, destructive, inhumane “Denny’s” where you can get breakfast or lunch whenever the hell you want.

    Also, eight of the McDonald’s (McDonald’seses?) in my area–which is basically all of them–are franchises owned by the guy who invented the Egg McMuffin, who lived here in town until his death earlier this year. The people that work in his places live here, too. So, y’know, local is as local does, or something.

  19. Not that I have much room to talk about weight issues, but if you get out of breath running from the street into a McDonalds, you better order a salad and a water, son.

  20. I worked there when I was a kid – before all the McFood was stored in steam cabinets. I don’t know how it works now, but when I worked there almost every AM shift some smartass would cruise in 10 min past the breakfast changeover and demand an egg mc muffin. If we didnt have any old breakfast lying around (supposed to be tossed in the bin) and it escalated into an “I wanna see your manager” issue. One manager we had would just cook the irate asshat an egg mc muffin on the(now hamburger searing temperature)grill.

    You only can get half of the egg off the grill which is that hot. This is actually good because the part that sticks to the overheated grill is converted to brown rubberized protein – no longer really chewable.

    We’d do the muffin part in the hamburger bun toaster. Which was more like a giant hair straightener, rather than a “toaster” per se.

    Mercifully, we often kept an old Egg McMuffin or two around after changeover for just this type of visitor.

    Dont forget, the customer is always right.

  21. Looks like those two in the video could stand to skip a few breakfasts AND lunches, instead working to cure their supersized obesity-diseased bodies.

  22. Cry, dd y ctlly wtch ths vd? It does NOT show McDonald’s ‘serving you “breakfast” at lunchtime’ nor does it show the ‘vice-versa’ which would be McDonald’s serving you lunch at breakfast time. It shows two guys ordering breakfast before 11am, waiting until the food gets cold, then ordering lunch after 11am and then combining the “food”. Dn’t gt lzy r ls BngBng wll g dwnhll fst.

  23. @27, what? You never saw the zit squeezing video?
    Humans enjoy looking at gross stuff too, otherwise we have nothing to contrast the unicorms

  24. These guys are geniuses! Next time I see American Idol on tv, I’m going to trick Fox into showing 24 instead. And all I’ll have to do is pull out my DVD. That’ll show them, giant corporation making up their own rules to inconvenience me.

    PS maybe if you stopped eating two meals at once, and ran a little more, you wouldn’t be such fat-asses that you have to complain about the switching of menus at 11am.

  25. They change to lunch at 10:30 in Chicago.

    And people are complaining about how fatty McDonald’s food is, and some guy posted about Primanti Brothers and you didn’t jump all over his ass?

    hee hee. Fattiest sandwich ever.

  26. Boy. . . it’s a good thing that guy had “USA” on his cap, or we wouldn’t know where these fat loudmouth jackasses were from.

  27. At least where I am, all the major food chains serve breakfast and lunch food all day. Jack in the Box started this, and I think they do it nationwide.

    I wish we had Sonics, though. That new Toaster thingy with Pepper Jack cheese looks yummy.

  28. ill lich, my knee jerk reaction was to chide you on what on the face of it seems to be a bigoted statement… except I couldn’t actually find any fault in your sarcasm.


  29. The sodium is a bit high at McD’s and other fast food establishments. The sodium is still well within daily recommended limits if you don’t sit down and eat three burgers and fries. There is no real difference in nutritional value between McD’s and normal food.

    An egg or burger cooked at McD’s and the same cooked at your house are the same thing.

  30. @ill lich:

    He’s actually required to wear that. It’s a warning label.

    Really, these men have no dignity. You’re overweight, aggressive (perhaps all those hormones in the greasy “meat” your eating?) and you’re going get your way.

    USA! USA! USA!

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  32. To most of the above: Chillll, Winston. It’s a video of two fat guys making sandwiches at McDonalds. I very, very highly doubt anyone involved was taking any of it seriously. Not everything posted here has to be earth shattering or insightful, just something that amuses or interests the blogger who posts it.

    It seems that recently a fairly large portion of any of the comment sections are just hating on the article or the poster, which is a damn shame. The comments are part of what makes boingboing great.

  33. the only trick here is how these fatties gained 10 pounds in real-time as you watched the video. (watch closely!)

  34. The best part of the video was the end….
    seriously, buddy once again drops the line that we’re from the future!
    I love that shit.
    These guys are funny in a caricature portrait of the average american joe kinda way.
    Not that I know what the average yank is like, so I assume something like these two wankers in the video :-P

  35. The best part of this video is watching the menu changeover. That was sorta cool.

    Those guys admit “McDonalds isn’t even real food”, but they can’t get enough.

  36. I do agree with others that this was an unexpected sight on Boing Boing, but it did make me laugh. I can’t really be critical of something that can add laughter to my day. :)

    Some of you need to dial-back the smugness and turn up the sense of humor.

  37. @ 41

    very much agreed…and I regret every ad impression made by simply posting this comment…

  38. Wow…I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at the sheer hostility towards McDonalds and fast food in general (“Big-Food” I guess would be the term)

    You know fast food in general is one of the most important developments of the 20th century. Having cheap standardized nutritional food (if you doubt fast food is nutritional, read this article that is available in most countries is remarkably important for millions of people. Not everyone in the world has the luxury of choosing to eat organically grown (read: inefficiently grown) lettuce and granola wraps for lunch every day. Spend $5 of a burger and fries and you have matched or exceeded the daily caloric intake of millions of people around the world.

    Far from ragging on McDonalds, we should be embracing it and doing everything we can to open as many as possible around the world…millions of hungry people will thank us later. Fast food is one of the best weapons we have in the fight against hunger and even disease (fast food restaurants are multitudes more sanitary than the rural markets and establishments in many under-developed countries.)

    Go McDonalds!

  39. I prefer the way Michael Douglas dealt with this problem at the Whammy Burger in “Falling Down”.

  40. well, I was amused. I think if one is trying to hack mickey d’s, the level of pathetic is appropriate enough for the “hack” to consist of waiting, paying more, and combining prefabricated foods.

    jeez guys, it’s absurd and deliberately useless. That is why it is on the internet.

  41. kingjoevii i could be talking out my ass here, because i’m not a master of economics, but how does the first worlds exploitation of the rest of the world to the point where we routinely exceed our needed caloric intake for the day champion the idea of fast food.

    I think some kind of balancing act would be needed instead. Instead of somehow introducing our excesses to the rest of the world (which i doubt the entire world could continue to function of the rest of the world joined in on our excesses, a better idea would be leveling the distribution of food across the board. If we increase the amount of food the rest of the world is eating through enterprise or aid, we should subsequently decrease the amount we’re eating to stop being so goddamned fat.

    just a thought.

  42. “Oppressive menu rules”?

    Somebody needs a dose of reality. Have they really let corporate hatred cloud their views so much?

    I worked at McDonalds for a year when I was younger. (Since they’re one of the very few places that are willing to hire young people and pay them more than minimum wage. They also treat their employees well.) Here’s the deal. They use the same equipment to cook breakfast on as they use to cook lunch, with the exception of some attachments to the grills, and the hoops to make the fried eggs perfectly round (they use real eggs, in real egg-shells, etc..). When they change over to lunch they scrub the shit out of all the stuff. You wouldn’t want your lunch to taste like breakfast, nor your egg-hoops to sit around all skanky for the rest of the day, after all… McDonalds is actually a ridiculously clean place as far as restaurants go.

    Anyway, to make breakfast after lunch time started, or to make a lunch sandwich during breakfast hours, they’d have to clean and de-grease everything again. Twice in the case of breakfast at lunchtime, since they’d need to get the burger taste off the grill, cook breakfast, then clean again to go back to lunch mode. That’s it. It’s that simple. It’s not because they made some arbitrary decision to repress you and keep you from eating the wrong thing at the wrong time. It’s purely practical.

  43. CPT. TIM –

    I understand where you are heading, but Food is not a zero-sum game…We already produce much more food than we need, but the problem is distribution. Corporate enterprises are much faster and more efficient than any government run food aid and therefore the best option we have to fight hunger accross the world. Not only that, but the franchise model, while some money is sent away to corporate, does manage to keep money in the local area around the restaurant thus stimulating the economy.

  44. ok. sorry, but the best part(and possibly the only part worth discussing) is that they credit over 30 producers at the end.

  45. Uhh, can we get a NSFW (language) up in here?
    It’s funny but my speakers were a bit loud for the content.

    @KINGJOE, who I assume owns a McD’s franchise:
    …matched or exceeded the EMPTY daily caloric intake… fixed There is very little nutritional value in those calories.

    No, we shouldn’t be embracing it and doing everything we can to open as many as possible around the world. We really shouldn’t.

  46. @22… What do you think the Bacon your mother used to buy at the store and cook for you was cured in?

    McDonalds doesn’t sell the healthiest of food… High Fat, High Calories, High Quantity…. But most of it isn’t “fake”. It’s the same stuff you’d eat at home if you were making that same unhealthy meal for yourself.

    Sodium Nitrate is the primary preservative used in Bacon (not “OMG!!eleven!! it’s full of preservatives!! That wouldn’t be in there if it were natural!” preservative… Preservative as in “That’s the whole fucking point of cured meat”)

    Sodium Erythorbate is in practically every piece of meat you eat. Including “organic” meat. That’s because people (not just Americans) don’t buy meat after it’s turned brown. So the sodium erythorbate keeps it nice and pink in the butcher’s case.

  47. Pt m dwn n th “Cry’s bn rplcd” clmn. f ths hd bn hs pstng, th ‘hck’ wld hv bn rfrrd t s ‘btfl’ r prhps ‘hntng’.

  48. @#61 Thanks for the info on sodium erythorbate.

    This vid was sickening — even for 20 seconds.

  49. Wow, instead of having to deal with being at McD’s any time from when they open to when they start lunch to get breakfast, or from the start of lunch to close (or when they change back, depending on location), you can go the MUCH SIMPLER route of showing up EXACTLY at changeover.

    Wait a minute…no.

  50. Primanti Brothers is overrated but I do enjoy them when I’m drunk and stumbling around on the streets of Pittsburgh. I like to order first, walk away, and leave my unsuspecting friend with the bill.

    Do you think anyone could trick these two guys into skipping a meal?

  51. OK, so… the… “Life hack” is that you order breakfast before 11 AM and lunch after 11 PM? In other words, you do what they explicitly tell you?

    Hey, I’ve got a life hack for you on how to get into a store early when it opens at 8 AM. Show up at 8 AM, so when it turns 8 you can enter! And it’s not 9 AM! See? Early.

  52. Ick. Primanti Brothers sandwiches are not food. They pile a meat puck (of your choice) with cole-slaw, fries, and cheese. It is too big for anyone but the biggest fatasses to put in their mouths.

    I’d personally prefer a Pittsburgh Style filet, which is burnt on the outside, and still trying to escape on the inside. The perfect range of cookedness.

    Yah, I live in Pittsburgh. There’s plenty of robots and zombies here to keep anyone entertained.

  53. Wow. I can’t even begin to describe how retarded this is…they think they are genius because they bought Breakfast during the allocated time and then waited and bought Lunch and ate them together? Wow.

  54. Haven’t eaten any McDognuts in over a year now.

    Yes, I do feel smug. Thanks for noticing.

  55. JIMH –

    No, I do not own a McD’s franchise, but I do appreciate your wild assumptions. (Actually, I hardly ever even eat at McDonalds)

    Also, it is a myth that fast food is inherently bad for you. It is quite nutritious and contains a variety of different essential nutirents. If you would have read my original comment and actually took the time to click through to the link I provided – (or even, god forbid, did a google search on the nutritional content of fast food) you would see that it does have prety much every sugar, fat, and such that we need in our diet. Just as long as we dont eat 3 big macs a day (i.e. 5,000 + calories) we should be fine.

    “No, we shouldn’t be embracing it and doing everything we can to open as many as possible around the world. We really shouldn’t.”

    Please tell me why. I have given you several good reasons (combatting world hunger, bettering economic conditions, etc.) Please respond with arguments instead of empty, anti-corporate rhetoric.

  56. I don’t know these guys, but I think I felt some irony…

    Holy crap! This IS funny! Half-assed video + righteous comments = art.

  57. So, what kind of comments would there be if these guys looked less like Big Mac guy and more like the Apple Mac guy?

    Fatasses, indeed. Let’s see your pictures, supermodels.

  58. JOE your first link was broken but this one works. Just because you can survive on it doesn’t make it the optimal diet. While your article points out that essential nutrients can be found in fast food, I’ll still argue that a diet composed of a large amount of it can lead to all sorts of health problems not the least of which is diabetes. More on “edible foodlike substances” at if you’re interested. I read yours…

    But mostly I’m against it spreading because it’s not sustainable. Heavily processed food costs much more than you might realize.

    If you really want to combat world hunger and better economic conditions, the solution is not fast food franchises which require a huge amount of energy and a long distribution chain to support. The fast food model relies on externalizing the damage to the environment and other impacts on an infrastructure that doesn’t even exist in many areas where hunger is rampant. You have to have roads and fuel, processing plants and regular delivery cycles. We can’t even afford the impact of those things here in this country in a sustainable model.

    So, you’re better off teaching and enabling local food production wherever possible than conditioning people to rely on suckling at the teat of a chain restaurant. Calling me anti-corporate is fine, I certainly am when it comes to processed foods and environmental real-cost accounting. There are some corporations operating within a sustainable environmental model, but they’re very rare.

  59. It is quite nutritious and contains a variety of different essential nutirents.

    That’s wonderfully vague.

    @ Lea Hernandez:Fatasses, indeed. Let’s see your pictures, supermodels.

    I won’t mock them for being overweight, but being overweight and demanding more fast food after a profane rant about how you don’t get enough fast food?

    Glass. House. Stones.

  60. That’s nothin. You should see how I tricked my employer into giving me a raise. I hold onto one paycheck until the next paycheck comes. Then I take them both to the bank to deposit them. Voila! I’ve doubled my pay.

  61. C’mon,they flippin’ ran to get the food before the menu changeover…how much exercise to you want us (Americans) to get?

    Anarki yr sr stpd f y dnt gt t. t’s hmr (self censored, thnks vry mch).

    My favorite sandwich hack:

    At Wendy’s
    Bun, patty, cheese, chicken, cheese, patty, bacon, extra everything else, bun. Eat that shit. Yum. It’s a hack because I worked there (and you didn’t) and I straight-up hacked the grill mydamnself (a joy which you non-fast-food working arrogant elitist scum could never appreciate).

    I for one love this shit (the video), and I totally love these guys (in a strictly heterosexual kind of way).

    “Shit it out” indeed, my brothers, shit it out indeed.

  62. I have to make a qualified agreement with kingjoevii. Fat is highly nutritious. So are protein and carbohydrates. The problem with fast food isn’t its intrinsic quality. It’s the quantity in which it’s consumed and the way that it pushes fruits and vegetables out of one’s diet that’s the problem. Here’s an interesting BBC article on how children in parts of Indonesia are starving simply because they’ve stopped eating fruits and vegetables in order to be able to eat more rice. People who live on fast food may be morbidly obese and malnourished at the same time. A few ill-informed vegans have starved their children to death on fruits and vegetables. Monolithic diets are a bad idea no matter what you eat.

  63. This ain’t about a clever trick or “hack” as the kids are calling it. This is about creating a futuristic fastfood brunch. If you pay attention, it might also be absurd and ironic.

  64. you guys are way too retarded to see the post ironic humour, these internets guys from teh future should have their own show, they’re brilliant. Even the last bit where he says ‘we’re from the future, we can eat anything’ and then plucks a sprig of box hedge and shoves it in his mouth, that shit is more poisonous than a micky D, it was a genius closing shot.

  65. Sometime I think Cory is a sly, agent provocateur; the 5th column of the editorial staff, ready to throw the monkey wrench of dissension into the works at any moment.

  66. #79 Lea Hernandez:

    As someone who’s lost over 40 pounds by just going outside and walking on my lunchbreaks I’d have to say that for the majority of americans, their physical state is due to physical inactivity and over consumption.

    This isn’t about body fascism. I’m back to a healthy weight at 6 foot tall and 180 pounds. I am not a supermodel, but I am feeling healthy, Energetic, and far better about myself than I did at 220 pounds.

    I did not achieve this by going into McDonalds and ordering two excessively caloric meals and combining them. I do not get out of breath walking though a parking lot.

  67. Am I the only one who knows these dudes? Rafi and Dallas write two of the best hip hop blogs out there.

  68. Here is a trick how you can ride the train using the same ticket, two days in a row:

    You buy the ticket and board the train just before midnight, and then you ride it until just after midnight! That’s two days in a row! Neat, huh?

    Not a trick? Well neither was this shit then!

  69. I was hoping that they would point out the vagueness of saying “we don’t serve breakfast after X o’clock” by arguing that it is before X o’clock tomorrow and blow the mind of the McDonald’s employee.

  70. JIMH –

    Sorry about the first link, I should be more careful.

    I am familiar with Michael Pollan. While his analysis is superb, he makes illogical inferences from them and fails to really grasp the big picture of modern agriculture. The benefits of industrialized agriculture far outweigh any of the detriments. Because of the modern system, I can buy more food cheaper, and in greater quantities than any generation before me. We have insulated our food supply from natural disasters and disease. For example – Even when a hurricane destroys most of the orange crop in Florida, the cost to the consumer amounts to a couple of cents precisely because our modern industrialized infrastructure. Without it millions of people would go hungry…it is the most efficient system possible simply because it has. (except for the damn farm subsidies)

    I am not sure what exactly you mean when you say the fast food industry works on an unsustainable model. Are we running out of chickens due to a demand for Mcnuggets? I would argue that our production has never been higher and we ar not even producing to our maximum efficiency.

    I also think you overestimate the difficulties in the corporate supply chain. The entire business model is based off of efficiency and keeping costs down and if anyone has the infrastructure set up to deliver large amounts of food in a short amount of time, it is the fast food companies.

    Also if you want a better read than Pollan, I would suggest “The gospel of food” by Barry Glassner. While Pollan is biased by his anti-corporate ideologies, I feel Glassner is better able to take an objective approach to these issues.

  71. HUGE disappointment. and no, i’m not talking about what these two chumps are to their parents.

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    Do not cry out or hit the alarm.

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  74. “Hy Cry Dctrw: Hnstly, why dd y pst ths?
    t’s dsgstng, n mny lvls.”

    ah the hypersensitive posting environment of boing boing. every time i see a slight critique censored, i imagine the boing boing staff sequestered in a rubber room with Theresa as their only link to the outside world, patting their heads and telling them how awesome they are, how pretty, and that they can do no wrong.

  75. I love how there’s a dude talking about sustainability and another one saying “we’re not running out of chickens!”. Right out of Thomas Kuhn, right there.

  76. @ #105

    I think the BB team should have the good manners of providing us with such a pic, leading to further fuckaroundary…

  77. I would be more impressed if they off loaded the “food” in their mouth with a Lego elevator.

    Dopey Fo’eva!

  78. Good God you USAsians really do wolf down a weird variety of crap.

    We do have the Golden Arches in thenUK but I don’t think you’d say we do.

    Breakfast is only Sausage and Egg McMuffin, processed cheese round sausage and fried egg in a muffin, or the same thing with bacon. The only other item is a Big Breakfast wich is basicall the same thing in it’s component parts on a foam plate except the egg is scrambled.

    No MCGriddle bread, no canandian bacon…what ever the hell these things are.

    I would love to disparage McD’s but i love the Sausage and egg McMuffin, nothing like it on a hang over.

  79. Call me a cynic, but even with fuck this and fuck that flying around in the video and the “not even real food” jibe, I bet McDonald’s themselves are behind this little piece of insidious viral marketing. They’re probably getting ready to serve the 10:55 crowds as we speak.

  80. #105: Kinda the vibe I’m getting around here now too.
    Things change.

    Easy enough to deal with, it’s a big internet.

    Bummer the party turned so weird tho. :(

  81. nly smhw cntrvng t lbl t ‘Stmpnk’ wld mk ths tm mr rrttng.

    Perhaps that hand-cranked menu rotator fits the bill?

    Still love you, boingboing. ~ish.

  82. #114: LOL.

    I thought the article was misnamed, sure, but you gotta hand it to the two chunky celebrities from the future who know what they want and know how to get it. i agree the content was lacking from their feature, but the form more than made up for it. Cmon, “breakfast too lunchy, lunch too breakfasty”– what’s not to like? i just hope our two gallant heroes can get to do more of this before they fall down dead from congestive heart failure.

  83. I dunno what’s more annoying between the video and the “OMGS MCDONALDS IS EBIIIIIIIIIIIL!!!!!11111”. Please, hating the clown is so not hip anymore. It’s like wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt.

  84. Jst gs t shw y tht Cry wll pst nythng whr sm n s clmng t ndrmn Th stblshmnt nd ts pprssv rbtrry rls.

    h yh, nd Csmr sd th ltmt Cry-bt whn h ddd th wrds “spctclr ftrstc”. Gts hm vry tm.

    nd D_G’s rght….nly by ddng th wrd “Stmpnk” wld Cry hv swllwd th hk mr qckly.

    sy “Brv!” Csmr. Wll plyd.

  85. Sirkowski, there are motivations other than being hip. And a person can support the clown and yet disagree with the mission he’s on.

  86. “We do have the Golden Arches in thenUK but I don’t think you’d say we do.”

    I had a lunch sandwich in the UK just to see if it was any better in the UK (i’d given up on mcdonalds years ago)

    It sucked just as much there as here.

  87. Takuan just so you have a pot to piss in…

    golden arches… arches… archie… jughead.. jug!

  88. jug…jugs…my copy of “Bigg-uns” and quart of malt likker and my Big Mac….see? all things are connected.


    One point I’d make about your position, is that McDonalds may be cheap to us, but it is not necessarily so cheap in other countries, particularly those in significantly lower economic brackets.

    Although the price of a burger varies throughout the world and is considerably cheaper in some places, McDonalds is still considered a luxury in many countries, where that cheap burger could feed a family for the day, and then some.

    So, to make the huge humanitarian leaps you are suggesting, would require a considerabe leap for McDonalds too.

  90. Good point made in the post: this isn’t food, it’s grease served in paper. Who visits McDonald’s anyway?!

  91. I go to steal napkins and condiments and to use the bathroom without buying anything. Whenever I leave (to my car which is taking up three spaces)I always clutch my stomach at the door and look desperate to any entering.

  92. ntrstng t s tht nrly vry crtcl rmrk rgrdng bngbng nd/r cry gts dsmvwlld.
    s ths thrgh n tmtd scrpt?

  93. @Atonius: *humble bow*

    @Cpt.Tim: Unless you were carrying forty grotesque pounds under your chin, or in one Popeye-like forearm, you were probably just as cute forty pounds ago, too.

  94. I personally thought that the video was hilarious. Now I am watching all their other videos.

  95. … how did we get off on world hunger and McDonalds is evil? It’s a fucking “for fun” type video, laugh, smile, move on.

    and btw, where do some of you idiots get off saying ALL Americans are fat, I suppose all English are gay, and all French women have legs as harry as a bison’s. Just shut up and laugh to yourself. Isn’t the Internet illegal where you come from. DUH DUHR.

  96. They look like they eat breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner desert at McDonalds every every day…

  97. I worked at McDonald’s for a year in high school. This is a weak-ass hack. Here is how to actually hack a McDonald’s:

    1) go in during a rush (lunch or dinner time, especially weekends)

    2) walk up to the counter (don’t wait in line) and grab the first panicky adolescent who makes eye contact

    3) tell the kid you just went through the drive-thru and got stiffed a large fry or hamburger or something. an air of impatience and righteousness is key here.

    4) eat.

  98. I love how the one guy’s problem was that he wanted a Big Mac at 10am but they waited until 11:01 and got chicken selects. Luckily, it’s just two fat guys wanting to eat a lot of food so we don’t have to put much thought into it

  99. This is funny stuff on many levels. Plus it’s a great gripe. I often want a big mac at 8 AM or sausage muffins at noon, when I wake up, hung over. By the way, I’m a very healthy American junk food lover and beer drinker. Back off on the trash talk. I bicycle hundreds of miles a week and have climbed some of the worlds highest mountains. Many Americans are equally or in greater condition. Anything that provides lots of calories is food — by definition. Get over it. If you can’t burn enough of the stuff to enjoy it like many people do, don’t eat it. That’s your choice. Those guys are overweight, for sure, but apparently burn enough calories to eat all they want without becoming morbidly obese. That’s their choice. I’d recommend they back off on the over-all caloric intake and drop a good 30 or so pounds. But they can still do that while “brunching” at McD’s periodically. I know. I do it. I’m 46 years old, 5′ 10″, 170 lbs., in shape and eat crap like that a few times a week. Yummy!

  100. I think it’s funny that you all judge others by what they eat and what they do. I think the ones that protest just a little too much should look at themselves in the mirror. It’s fine to go to McDonald’s once in a while. Stop taking YOURSELVES so seriously. It’s about time we started trying to improve ourselves first before trying to change the world.

    Live and let live.

  101. That article is somewhat useless, the one about the immortal happy meal is more interesting.

  102. I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Why hate on McDonald’s? You don’t have to eat there. If other people want to grab a double quarter pounder with cheese or two McSkillet Burritos and two Sausage McMuffin’s w/Egg – that’s their business.

    What you shove down your pie hole is your business, not mine. What I shove down mine is my business, not yours. Even if someone cooks the majority of their meals at home (like I do) sometimes you just want a break and roll up to one of the local fast food joints. I’m not a Post-breakfast McDonald’s fan but I do love their breakfast menu. Their Post-Breakfast menu is tasteless.

    1. If only that argument worked on veggie fascists… I’ve always wondered why what others eat is their business to begin with, but I digress.

  103. So- how is this tricking McDonalds into anything? It’s not. It’s tricking yourself into waiting for lunchtime and thinking you “hacked” McDonalds. If you are eating there you have already lost.

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