Software licensing fights come to cigarette lighters

This BSD-daemon- taking-Tux-the- Linux-penguin -from-behind lighter was apparently offered for sale in a Barcelona minimart. One wonders if the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer are really that deeply invested in fights over free/open source licensing terms. Link (Thanks, Gerry!)


  1. I think that it’s not so much cool as simply bizarre that there’s any merch related to BSD or Linux in a minimart, anywhere.

  2. If only they’d gone with the Creative Commons. Tux and the Daemon could’ve been sharing alike rather than backporting like this.

  3. stirring up the pot a bit, eh cory? there’s no fight here except the one you *assume* might happen. as a fellow cynicist, dare i say that you’ve become *too* cynical?

  4. oh, wait…i think i misinterpreted your text. i thought you were talking about the i.p./trademark lawsuit that would arise from this lighter. i see now that you’re only commenting on the content. my apologies.

  5. Maybe the artist has a strong feeling on kernel task scheduling or ports vs. binary packages.

    In case you’ve never tried, BSD is pretty wonderful. Linux is for people who hate Windows, BSD is for people who love UNIX. Or so the old line goes.

  6. Now there is a lighter I can agree with!

    Oh wait, is it saying that BSD is the giver and thus a more powerful license, which isn’t homophobic, but more masculine / butch — or is it homophobic and saying that BSD is evil and will screw anyone in the booty who uses it???

    I mean, there are so many ways one can take this.

    Personally, I like the BSD licensing over the GPL but mascots having sex is always appropriate!

  7. I think the rather odd location this lighter was found in is due to the fact that Clipper lighters (forget Zippos,the best designed refillable lighter evah btw)are made in a factory on the outskirts of Barcelona. A friend of mine (Thorsten Sideb0ard, who must take credit for recognising the BSD Daemon) was able to purchase an Amsterdam souvenir Clipper from a Barcelona store a couple of years ago.

  8. Honestly? I’d chalk it up to the manufacturer finding a graphic on the internet and deciding to slap it on the lighter because it was ‘free’ to use. Still kind of bizarre, though.

  9. Well Clif Marsiglio, everyone knows that it isn’t gay if you’re the man. Or so I’ve heard and probably will again when the GOP convention gets here.

    Is BSD really that good? I know that Mac OS is a form of BDS. But Ubuntu looks really nice and it works. But I can’t use any of them anyways. I gots ta have my windows apps.

  10. Linux and BSD are both good, free software operating systems. Using either is a plus over using proprietary systems.

  11. Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t it be the other way around, since you can take BSD code and gpl it, but you can’t take gpl code and bsd-licence it?

    (also, assuming that tux represents gpl… maybe it’s just about the kernels, not their respective licenses)

  12. On the other hand: bsd wants you (or apple or anyone) to take their code and do with it as they please, so it wouldn’t be screwing the demon (in a bad way, ie. not consenting) if you took bsd code.

  13. #12:

    It’s correct. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that Tux is female.

    BSD gives Tux his “code” (DNA) and Tux gives birth to a GPL baby. The other way around wouldn’t work, because you can’t put GPL code into BSD, but you can put BSD code into GPL.

    Of course, the baby looks like Tux, becasue GPL “genes” are dominant.


  14. #11, Takuan, who said the penguin wasn’t male? Taking it up the ass doesn’t mean the penguin is male, it could just as easily be female.
    I’m concerned about the look of pain from the poor penguin.

  15. Has anyone here considered the possibility that neither the maker of the lighter nor the vendor selling it has any idea that they are mascots?

    They just see a picture of the devil assf*cking a penguin.

    …and they think it’s funny.

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