Freakazoid on DVD -- yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!

Oh hell yes! Warners just released season one of Freakazoid, the best TV cartoon since the Max Fleischer era, on DVD. This is the most demented, hilarious, madcap, witty, surreal, fantastic toon of all time, and now you can get it for the home collection. Yes yes yes! Link (Thanks, Jeff!)


  1. I think that one of the reasons that I read BoingBoing is that your incessant enthusiasm keeps chipping away so effectively at my existential despair.

  2. Awesome. I’ve been waiting for this ever since Animaniacs and Pinky & The Brain started coming out on DVD…

  3. Wow, I thought I was the only one that watched this series. Haha. I’m gettin this for sure!

  4. I agree with Antinous – however, I have been partial to Samurai Jack for the last couple of years. I suspect not really in the same vein of best-tv-cartoon-style as the Jack.

  5. Now when are we going to see an animated version of Mike Allred’s Madman? Oh wait, people would confuse both ;)

  6. Samurai Jack is very good but it’s really a different genre than Freakazoid.

    Also, what WILL Cosgrove do!?

  7. Not to go TOO off topic, but speaking of kids shows finally making it to DVD, where’s my Pete & Pete season 3!?

  8. Antinous, how did you post back in time?

    More importantly… Want to go see a bear ride a unicycle?

  9. I think I speak for everyone when I say:

    “I can’t go down there!….The whole thing smells like poo-gas”

  10. @Rasinlove? How. One was funny – the other wasn’t. Allred is too static, and in the end wasn’t even a compelling read. Freakazoid stands proudly with the Tick as a precursor to the wonderfulness that is the Venture Bros. And we shall always cherish it.

    You’re one of those snarky people who bitch and moan about Tim Hunter and Harry Potter – aren’t you? You shouldn’t confuse surface appearance with content. A discerning reader will be able to differentiate between both.

  11. Joy!

    I still find myself humming the theme song. Another to add to my ‘Must have’ list, (though it has cut in line to the top).

  12. Wow.
    Let me just say that having no knowledge of this show, the comments read like chatter at the insane asylum.

    Rave on!

  13. Hunt hunt hunt, he’s the Huntsman!!

    I should add that watching Freakazoid do the longest-ever cartoon spit-take was one of the funniest pieces of animation to grace TV sets.

  14. I would scream, but I am at work.

    I have been waiting for this to come to DVD for years! Now I just have to wait till it ships and then for Silence of the Hams to come out too.

  15. I remember this show because it came out around the time I gave up on Saturday morning cartoons. Saturday mornings stopped being nifty to me after Eek the Cat(the earlier episodes) stopped airing. The Spielberg produced shows never really worked for me. The writing was clever, goofy, and zany, but the sound and look was always a turn off for me. I never looked forward to watching these shows, but I wanted to. I always found this strange because my friends in high school absolutely loved these shows.

  16. #11: Probably not gonna happen. According to, they even had the box art ready (winter, to go with the summer and fall of 1 & 2), but then they decided to not go forward with it because of disappointing sales. I was pretty crushed when I found out. So everybody reading this go buy season 1 & 2 of The Adventures of Pete & Pete, so one day they’ll complete the collection!

    #12: WOULD I?!

    I always loved this show, and I’ve had to stick with crappy versions on the internet. I’ll definitely pick this up tomorrow.

    Also, if anybody’s interested, Tiny Toon Adventures is being released tomorrow as well. I used to love that show as a kid, but unlike Freakazoid, I’m not sure how well it holds up.

  17. I’ve never seen Freakazoid before, but last night I watched Disney’s The Incredibles and I am amazed by the near complete resemblance to each other. Their outfits are nearly the same, their logo is I instead of F, and they even have the same style of masks.

  18. I liked Freakazoid because he was the only Washington, DC based superhero on television!

    It made me feel better about my crappy city.

  19. Wow! I longed for Animaniacs on DVD for some time, and after I got it my next thought was, “let’s hope they release Freakazoid!” All has come to fruition (well, I should mention Fox’s release of The Tick, too, because that made m’heart go pitter-patter as well).

    Come to think of it, I wish Nickelodeon (Viacom) would release the Angry Beavers on DVD, too, but that seems quite unlikely. That was such a fun show with much too short a run.

    *sigh* I suppose I’ll just have to console myself with Venture Bros Season 3 whenever it comes out.

  20. hmmmm….. I wonder… if we sawed off the top of Cory’s skull and scooped out say half? Dried,powdered on the black market….

  21. Cory a Freakazoid fan! I always knew there was some reason I liked him.

    It really is an awesome show, and the only think more amazing that it was made in the first place is the fact that it made it into a second season.

    WB Animation at the time was a mixed bag. They had hits and misses. Tiny Toons was over-rated. Animaniacs was often excellent, but just as often lame depending on the segment aired… it was like they were afraid to be too cool, so they put in non-starter segments like Mindy and Buttons to stop it from getting too good. Batman Animated was awesome, but it’s hard to believe, now, that they even CONSIDERED making “Road Rovers,” a semi-comedy cartoon about a bunch of humanoid dogs fighting evil in armored vehicles.

    Freakzoid is possibly the best thing they did.

  22. Now that this and the “Hudson Brothers’ Razzle-Dazzle Show” are out on DVD I can die happy.

  23. Tears of Joy when i saw the dvd . the one i waiting for is when Mor-Ron phones home waiting days . waiting on top of dextor house .

  24. Thanks for the recommendation, Cory. I’m looking forward to Netflix delivering disc 2 this afternoon.

    You have to wonder about the WB’s marketing strategy, airing this at 7AM Saturday morning. It should have been on in the evening. I remember watching Rocky and Bullwinkle as a kid, and stretching my brain to catch the adult references. That was fun and educational. But Freakazoid takes this to an extreme. It’s 90% parody of stuff relevant to the generation-and-a-half prior to that 7AM, seven-year-old, Saturday morning audience. Maybe that was Spielberg’s idea, to wack out the brains of the kids of the 80’s, to tickle their tender sensibilities, like Jay Ward tickled mine.

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