Carney at Outside Lands - a "Boing Boing tv Bus Session."

When the BBtv team and I were covering the Outside Lands festival in San Francisco, a lot of interesting stuff happened. Case in point -- today's episode, in which members of the "rock / blues / French pop" band Carney (MySpace / band website) wander into our giant blogstar tour bus (generously loaned by Wayneco). They perform an amazing acoustic set, after zany hijinks.

Those hijinks include phoning the "president of show business" on a dishwashing hose, and an unintelligible deconstruction of jazz music with our UK-based music correspondent Russell Porter. The live set aboard the bus begins around 4:40, and it was electrifying in person when it (most unexpectedly) happened.

All of this happened because a BBtv team member taped the letters "Boing Boing tv" in blue gaffer tape to the side of our ginormous motorcoach, which was parked just behind the festival's main stage. The Carney dudes were wandering around in the dust around 2am looking for their drummer's lost jacket (more on that later), spotted the bus, and because they're fans of the blog, they peeked in to say hello. We're sure glad they did.

You can check out more of Carney and the many other acts that performed at Outside Lands at the CROWDFIRE website, where folks who went to the fest uploaded photos and video they shot themselves.... during the event. It's a really cool project. We contributed a bunch of clips and stills there.

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(Special thanks to Bre and Wayne for the bus; to Virgin America for generously providing air transportation; to BBtv field producer Jason McHugh; to BBtv production assistant Ilana Shulman, and to Windows and Crowdfire, for sponsoring our Outside Lands coverage.)


  1. @#1, not at all. And hey, don’t make fun of Russell’s accent. :)

    It was 2am, we’d had a lot of work and fun all day, things got a little loopy, cameras were on. Stuff happens.

  2. Do you guys actually need that bit translating? I know how difficult you find us ‘auslanders’ to understand sometimes. ;)

    (Especially when we’re off our faces.)

  3. You know, even if that was physically possible, we use a different form of sign language over here, and the only part of anything he said that might have universal meaning through hand gestures has been bleeped out.

    (Which I don’t get, incidentally.)

  4. @ Xeni: Russell was oddly understandable. It was the left-field jazz conversation and his puffy eyes that got me suspicious.

  5. @#6, Russell always reacts that way to a late-night glass of warm soymilk with agave syrup. I don’t know what’s up with that guy. We’ll try ricemilk next time. It must be the glycemic index.

  6. Thanks for introducing me to this amazing band… I will definitely have to keep them on my radar!

    I just had to finally stop being a voyeur and actually register on boing boing. I come here every day after all, so I guess I might as well say hi… and I really wanted to thank you for sharing that impromptu Carney set with us. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and ended up buying their EP off iTunes… well worth it!

    Thanks again for brightening days!

  7. @ #8:

    Thanks Woodeyeglass, that just made our collective day here at BBtv! Feel free to drop a line anytime!

    Dana Devonshire
    Series Producer, Boing Boing tv

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