BBtv - Primus: Xeni interviews Les and Ler (music)


Boing Boing tv caught up with Les Claypool and Larry "Ler" Lalonde of Primus at Outside Lands for a hyperdelic, transdimensional conversation about inflatables, Maker Faire, South Park, weird home-made electronic instruments, and more.

Les also made his film directing debut this year with Electric Apricot, a faux-cumentary feature about a fictional jam band in search of the ultimate music festival.

Link to Boing Boing tv post with downloadable video, and video podcast subscription instructions. If you dig this, check out our previous BBtv episodes from Outside Lands. And there's tons of fan-made footage and photos of Primus on (they're a BBtv sponsor).

(special thanks to Jason McHugh; to Virgin America for air travel, and to Wayneco for the magic bus)

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  1. I used to lug amps for these guys when they opened for other bands at Marsugi’s in San Jose.

    I am *still* vaguely surprised they’re the band from the scene that made it when Dot3 and Hellen Keller Plaid, and the Frontier Wives all sort of faded out. But still, here’s to ’em!

  2. Just in case any of those Primus lads read this…

    Hey Gents! Thanks for coming through Ottawa this year. You put on a hell of a show and should come back. We have good fishing, a good Stompin’ Tom coverband and lots of hicks.

    Hey, hi, hey hi ho, the best man in Ottawa is Mufferaw Joe!


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