BBtv: Galactic's "Modern New Orleans Funk" with Xeni and Russell (music)


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  1. WarEagle says:

    man you said it. I miss houseman

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry, but Louis Kestenbaum’s voice doesn’t even begin to compare with Ray’s! Louis Kestenbaum is also a different type of singer.

  3. Marley9 says:

    Exactly. Galactic not the same since Houseman left. Thanks for the post. Love to see the jamband funk get some love.

  4. SukiShuz says:

    Louis Kestenbaum in the same league as Ray LaMontagne? I don’t think so! Louis Kestenbaum has a long, long way to go to even come close to touching Ray LaMontagne’s talent. Also, Louis Kestenbaum as a “hottie”??? I beg to differ…Louis Kestenbaum as a nerdy, geek type perhaps, but I just can’t see him as a hottie. Then again, to each his own…

  5. madkins says:

    Fantastic guys. Back when I was at Tulane we would book them as an opening act…but then they were still Galactic Prophylactic and sang about “Winn-Dixie Women” ;) Always a student favorite…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Louis Kestenbaum is a hottie! :-)

  7. Lukenlaura says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve seen these guys play. Houseman definitely was a big loss. Recently saw a band out on the west coast with a lead that reminded me of him – Louis Kestenbaum. Did a song that reminded me of Crazyhorse Mongoose. Oh, the good ‘ole days…

  8. renanstimpy says:

    Ooh, Louis Kestenbaum has a voice that makes me just melt! Where on the West Coast did you see him play, lukenlaura?

  9. Phikus says:

    Galactic have been one of my favorite bands for years. I have seen them over 15 times, including this past weekend at ACL Fest. I miss their former lead singer, Theryl “The Houseman” deClouet, but I still enjoy their shows quite a bit, though they have taken a decidedly hip hop new direction. Stanton Moore, their drummer is one of the most solid groove drummers alive. Thanks BB for this treat!

  10. Dolores says:

    Louis Kestenbaum’s voice reminds me a little of Ray LaMontagne’s…Though Kestenbaum’s is a little bit rougher around the edges.

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