The Faith Tones: "Jesus Use Me" LP cover


I can't find this LP on the torrent sites. One sold recently on eBay for $21.

The Faith Tones: "Jesus Use Me" LP cover


  1. Hey, don’t laugh. An unholy amalgamation of those ladies just might be our next vice president. Curse you, Frankenstein!!

  2. That’s photoshopped, right? Tell me it is. Please.

    (it seems like their hairdos were added afterwards, especially the middle one)

  3. I agree about Buster Poindexter, but I think the left and right ones are Tom Hanks and John Lithgow, respectively.

  4. Mark, your posts frequently mock Christianity and Christians. (No I don’t buy for a minute that this post is solely about the hairdos and the unfortunately worded title. You keep doing things like this too frequently for it not to be about Christianity.) How you must hate them; you sneer so openly and so frequently. It’s also really hypocritical when liberal, supposedly open-minded people are anything but when it comes to Christianity. I thought this blog was better than this, I’m disappointed.

    As an Apostolic Christian I knew I didn’t belong here but for the most part I thought I could be left in peace- but this is getting to be a pattern, and it’s getting really old. Whatevers- it’s your blog, not mine! I know where the exit door is!

  5. Lilorfnannie@10: “It’s also really hypocritical when liberal, supposedly open-minded people are anything but when it comes to Christianity.”

    The old “you’re a hypocrite for not being tolerant of intolerance” saw.

  6. >>#10

    Chill out, the hairdoes are hilarious, as is the double(triple?)-entendre of the title. Really, BoingBoing isn’t serious business(ok, maybe sometimes)


    Wow, sensitive. Do you see anyone here going “ooo look, weird looking christians, that’s what happens when you become a christian”?

    Noone is attacking christians here, you are the first to mention it. The joks have mostly been about that insane 50/60s hair. The unfortunate title is the icing on the cake.

    I suggest you watch/listen to Marcus Brigstock’s clasic 7 minute talk, “Can the rest of us have our planet back”, especially the bit about how not everything said about you is automatically an insult.

    Youtube goodness:


  8. #10 – Avert your eyes my brother! Let the hand of God whisk you away from this abomination!

    Seriously, there is nothing derogatory in this post…other than your comment.

  9. 50’s 60’s? Women in Minnesota still wear their hair that way today. It’s quite practical and handsome, don’t you know?

  10. Finally, female counterparts to the Devo New Traditionalist look.

    LILORFN@10: There is no need to mock when it does such a good job all on its own, and so have you.

  11. The one on the right looks really disturbingly like old photos of my grandmother. But I think grams went more for the helmet-head curls than the helmet-head feathering.

    Phew, must not be her!

  12. Okay. I am not trying to be some gender biased… whatever, but I also had this instant belief that these were men (before I read the article, I thought they must have been some modern alternative band Photoshopped that way for their quirky album cover. Wow.)

    So as I tried to find out about the actual band, I stumbled upon a blog post written by a fan of the band. I had to include the excerpts I found most entertaining/puzzling:

    I was a big fan back in the 60s, and played that album daily. I couldn’t decide which one I liked best: Frances (the “cute Faith Tone”), Francine (the “pudgy Faith Tone”), or Franny (“the slut”). o_O

    Rumor has it that Franny went on to become a successful Jay Leno impersonator in Vegas. It’s probably not true.

    Re: Franny, the rumor I heard is that she became Jay Leno. (the best is yet ahead)

    You wouldn’t think it possible to combine smoldering sexuality *and* worship but that’s what made the Faith Tones special. (wait for it, waiiiiit for it)

    I used to have a few more of their albums, in college. Their second effort was called “Come Inside Me, Jesus”, critically well received, but not a but not a lot of takers. Another was “Oh Jesus, Don’t Stop Now”. O_O

    I’m imagining that all these people could happen to be flawlessly sarcastic… But I can’t seem to find any indication of that myself.

  13. I’ve been quite entertained and not offended in the slightest at pretty much all the posts called into question by #10 up until now, until Mark’s response to her…….at what point did we decide that all christians are intolerant?

  14. I’m a Catholic and this is totally worth mocking, but Mark, I don’t think this is about “tolerance of the intolerant” unless we’re to assume that three ladies with odd hairdos singing songs about JC is necessarily intolerant. Falwell? Robertson? Yeah, intolerant. Three weird ladies doing their thing? I don’t see it.

  15. powerpants@31: “at what point did we decide that all christians are intolerant?”

    At no point.

  16. #10, it would be funny even it wasn’t religious/christian, but the fact that it’s got a religious bent DOES make it more funny. Asking anyone, especially a savior, to “use” you just doesn’t have the ring it did 50 years ago. I’ve never understood Christians who claim they are misunderstood, when THEY are the dominant religious influence on American culture. Christians who feel persecuted have plenty resources and experience to get back at jews, muslims, atheists, gays etc. anyway, so have at it you poor WASP you.

  17. You guys have got it all wrong. The one on the left is Brendan Fraser.

    And I’ve decided to be insulted at the intolerance of the intolerance of the intolerance. Please allow me to not be as intolerant as I would like to not be, but rather be as intolerant of intolerance half as less as I’d be willing to be.

  18. Nothing in the world will convince me that the person on the right in this picture is *NOT* Stephen Fry in drag.

  19. If that’s Andy Kindler on the left and Stephen Frye on the right, then who’s the guy in the middle?

  20. #10, did you see the Sonseed video Mark posted. It was not mocking. I’m listening to it right now. Zap. Much better than JC Superska.

  21. Kimmel for the middle is good, but I’m gonna have to assert “Brendan Fraser” for the one on the left.

  22. Frances, Francine, and Franny?
    I knew the regular music industry was “making the bands” by this time, but that makes me think the “unfortunate” title might have been deliberate.

    As for the hairdos, yes conformity often is scary!

  23. I like how they match their jumpers to indicate they are part of the group, then express their individuality through their collars.

  24. @29 sekino:
    Its flawless sarcasm, I hope to god :)

    I want a mokumentary to be done about these “ladies”… Really bad!!

  25. For those under the age of 30, I suggest that you take a good look at your high school graduation photo. Now look at this album cover. This is exactly how your children and grandchildren will view your graduation photo by the time you are 60.

    I find it amusing that every generation thinks they finally have the secret to everlasting cool, and their fashions, trends, and fads will never go out of style.

    You should mock now, with gusto. So you’ll know what it’s like when you are mocked later on.

    Submitted with humility from a man who once wore bell-bottom jeans and a wide white leather belt. I apologize to any whose brains have just melted down at that horrifying mental image.

  26. For those under the age of 30, I suggest that you take a good look at your high school graduation photo. Now look at this album cover. This is exactly how your children and grandchildren will view your graduation photo by the time you are 60.

    Not to argue, but my grandmother didn’t look anything like these people.

    And I already mock my own pics… pretty much regardless of the era.

    So I keep laughing ;)

  27. Not to argue, but my grandmother didn’t look anything like these people.

    Neither did my grandmother. My mother wore her hair pretty much exactly like that. Perhaps not quite so high, but she wasn’t in show business. The glasses are dead on.

    I dunno. I agree it looks outrageous by today’s standards, and funny. I LOL’d. But it wasn’t that unusual by the standards of the time, just as our standards seem perfectly normal to us and will seem outlandish to later generations. So it goes.

  28. These chicks are personally responsible for 1/3rd of the ozone layer depletion due to excessive use of Aqua-net.

  29. Hmm, my maternal grandmother wore her hair long (in the 40’s and 50’s; I know, right?) and my paternal grandmother had a respectable, 30’s style perm. I’m jealous of both those styles, thank you very much.

    These are just…wow. Talk about spending twice your food budget on hairspray.

  30. …Lessee, I could Xtian bash here, but I’ve got a better one: You see those quasibeehive hairdos? Well, believe it or not, they have a second use. They perform the same protective services for women that tinfoil hats provide for guys! They protect their brains from being scanned and mind-controlled by the Greys/Feds/Nazis!


    …Hey, would I get banned from Boing Boing if I photochopped one of those beehives onto Xeni or Mark’s heads?

  31. I’m not convinced those weren’t cut and pasted from other (larger scaled) heads.

    I just can’t see someone having that much hair.

  32. Shellacked hair gives you the aerodynamics needed to walk through a Minnesota ice storm. My vote is that these young ladies were from the land of the north.

  33. I was screwing girls that looked just like that
    in the 1960’s that’s when “the pill” came out.
    By the way they look like Hassidic Jewish wives that
    must wear a wig outdoors,I guess the wigmakers used
    this cover as a guide,no offense meant by me on this
    religious custom,just some humor.

  34. I’m not able to rationalise the physical volume occupied by the one on the left’s hair. Is it combed over a partly inflated balloon?

  35. I’ve heard the words “Jesus use me” in so many movies now, but no-one was wearing clothes like that. Now that i think of it, no-one was wearing clothes at all.

  36. LILORPHANANNIE#10 if you find that exit door, try not to let it hit ya where the good lawd dun split ya. a-men.

  37. @Lilorphanannie #10: You! Out of my religion! You, and the oh-so-vocal “Christians” like you, are making us saner Christians look whiny, humorless, and extremely butthurt.

  38. Come on, stop pestering LILORPHANANNIE#10. She’s obviously distressed because she didn’t think anyone remembered this old high school band of hers any more. And besides, this is a good, healthy way to channel one’s youthful urges for Jesus.

  39. @60 Wigwam Jones – Well put friend. I tried hard to look stylish back in the 70’s and cared about my appearance. However I bet that if there were photos that could be found I would look like the goofiest oddball around today.

    When you look at them, I bet a “makeover” with a different hairstyle, clothing, and makeup they would look comparable to what we think beauty is today.

    I too will keep an eye out for their record. Don’t bid against me Mark. Maybe I could make an mp3 and upload it to the archive, as I bet that the copyright was not renewed.

  40. Recall post from Mark Frauenfelder back in June, featuring another trio of similarly coifed females. No religious connotations to that post, unless one searched for the tinsel-laden christmas tree in the back of the photo posted later in the week (

    So, were the “Faith Tones” inspired by the “3 Play Wigs,” or vice versa?

    Lack of punctuation between “Jesus” and “Use Me” lends to polyvalence. Would like to see “us,” from “Angelus Records,” incorporated into title (replacing “me”) and promoted in some sort of graphic form…”jesUS USe US.”

  41. KENEKE@40: ftw! (Now please explain to me what the heck you said…)

    DBARAK@50: I’m sure they all have the same hairstyle, albeit gray, and wear the same clothes. Was this look ever hip, even for a nanosecond? If so, in what alternate dimension?

    I think I’ll stick to Jesus having built my hot rod, thanks.

  42. #28 Swaggert’s cousins were Jerry Lee Lewis and Mickey Gilley. He was a man with much musical talent actually.

  43. And that is why we had the hippy movement in the 60s. It was a rebellion for equal rights, freedom of expression, and freedom from shellacking your hair into unnatural and scary forms.

    Also, Re: Offending the Christians…My Catholic buddy thinks this is friggin’ hilarious. :P

  44. Yeah, Brendan Frasier Left…much better than Tom Hanks. Still sticking with Steven Fry on the right and Jimmy Kimmel in the middle.

  45. Stephen Fry?! Peter Sellers?!?

    It’s OBVIOUSLY Robin Tyner from the MC5 on the right, kicking out the jesus jams, mothersuperiors!

  46. I FIGGERED IT OUT!!! It’s those three wacky brits from the BBCTV hit programme : “Top Gear”! Some crazy promo or somesuch.

  47. Agreed:
    1. Brendan Frasier
    3. Stephen Fry

    Further nominations for 2:
    – Eddie Izzard
    – Bruce McCulloch

    Discuss. If, at this point, you still care.

  48. Hey, those hairdos are a technological achievement. See the one on the left? You think it’s easy getting that perfectly circular, uniform curl all the way around the crown of her head? As for them looking like boys, that’s partly because they aren’t wearing any makeup, and partly the result of an unnatural absence of sexual consciousness. I don’t know where the pallor comes from, unless they live in Minnesota and the photo was taken in late winter.

    Lilorfnannie @9, you’ve been a pain in the wazoo before, but this comment takes the cake. Fortunately, it’s inadvertently amusing, which is a big improvement. If you’re going to post again in future, could you please try to get the same effect? Thank you.

    Hassan-i-Sabbah @28: That one needed a NSFW warning.

    Keneke @40, you win. That should be embroidered and framed on the wall.

    Avar1ce @44, try being inadvertently funny next time.

    OM @66, it depends.

    Chevan @67, Ladyfingers @70, it’s possible. It just takes some doing.

    Anthropomorphictoast @90, your moderator thinks it’s a complete hoot.

    Jane Kansas @98, good ‘un.

  49. Christopher Guest, Michael McKean & Harry Shearer. It’s an advert for their upcoming film lampooning the Christian music trade in the early 60’s. Here’s hoping it will be as big as Hairspray.

  50. I can easily imagine John Waters having this kitschily delirious LP cover enshrined in his home. It looks like a girl group he’d feature in one of his films. And of COURSE they’re all females. The one in the center is my Aunt Frannie.

  51. Middle one is Jimmy Kimmel, Right side is Jay Leno, and left…not sure but you may be correct in saying it is Steven Fry.

  52. This is something that has been very carefully(geniusly)crafted and thrown out there for the purpose of doing exactly what it has done! Cause some very hearty (and downright tearful- I laughed til I cried and couldn’t breathe for a couple of minutes) laughs, and raise a little controversy about whether it could possibly be ‘real’ among those who are apt to take it too seriously! Good job! :-D

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