HOWTO Make a spider-cake with Pocky legs

Not Martha's got the recipe for brewing up these dome-cake spiders with spindly Pocky legs -- now that's Hallowe'en fun! Little known fact: cakes in the shapes of insects arachnids have no calories. Spider Cakes (Thanks, Marilyn!)


  1. >>Little known fact: cakes in the
    >>shapes of insects have no calories

    But what about cakes in the shape of /arachnids/ ??!


  2. Doesn’t look *much* like a spider…

    Spider bodies have two parts, a large round abdomen and a smaller cephalothorax (head-breast) at the front. All the legs attach to the *front* part (as do the fangs etc).

  3. Cute. When you make this little cake, Cory, please take the time to place some wonderful eyes on this yummy. A blind spider is too sad to contemplate, even when it’s on my plate. Oh, I’ve eaten him…too late.

  4. #9 Sabik, follow the link. There are others with tiny heads, and huge swollen abdomens.

    #11 Jeff, there’s one with about 20 eyes. Looks weird. :)

  5. #15 Avram, I think that should be spiders with eight eyes have eight eyes. There are many variations, from 0-8 including all the even numbers between. Many species do have eight.

  6. It kind of needs eyes- maybe 2 marshmallows with a tiny dot of chocolate for the pupil? Not like real spider eyes, but cute cartoony ones- it would be good for kids’ Halloween parties, which is probably where most people are going to be using this recipe anyway.

    Very nice. Anything using Pocky is more fun.

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