HOWTO make a brain out of a watermelon

Here's a lovely Instructable from Scoochmaroo, explaining how to make an edible (well, more edible) brain out of a watermelon -- suitable for vegan zombies.

# Slice off bottom of watermelon so it won't roll around.
# Peel green skin off of the watermelon.
# Score brainy folds in white flesh.
# With a sharp paring knife, carve channels out of melon to resemble cortical folds.
Melon Brains (via Make)


  1. Very nice. It doesn’t look overworked like so much holiday food decor does. It is icky, and yet entirely not icky. Overall it is just very clever.

  2. Well, here we go. God make the watermelon and you can ‘see’ the brain in the watermelon. Therefore intelligent design.

  3. This melon brain seems to have a bigger left brain, but a more convoluted right brain….
    So is it a verbal realist or an imaginative mathematician?? I say someone should volunteer a body to transplant it into, just so I can see…

  4. I’m wondering if a diluted wash of food coloring could make this more realistic. Maybe mixing blue, yellow, and red in the right amounts to get a kind of gray. Heavier on the blue, I would think. I wonder if the white part would take in the coloring. Worth trying.

  5. what kind of knife do you use to cut all the skin off? I’ve tried two different knives and still am having trouble with it.

  6. My husband helped me to make this for my fourth grade students for a school Halloween party. We also chose to have the brain float in a huge bowl of “blood” punch. It was a great success!

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