Boing Boing's Holiday Gift Guide part four: Comics, graphic novels and funnybooks


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  1. Frank_in_Virginia says:

    I’ll suggest adding David Rees’s Get Your War On: The Definitive Account of the War on Terror, 2001-2008

    A Quote: “Dude, if Americans tolerated as much shit in their socks as they do in their president, they’d have mushrooms growing out of their fucking ankles.”

  2. Nelson.C says:

    You’ve got Tekkon Kinkreet on the list twice, Cory, with a different author each time. Also, I think a couple of these books were on previous lists.

  3. Lauren O says:

    On your recommendation, I’ve just purchased Good as Lily and The Plain Janes for my 13-year-old brother. I thought he’d balk when I gave him Chiggers, as it was about girls, but he seemed to like it a lot. Therefore I shall continue in the vein of teaching him with comic books that girls are human beings to whom you can relate, in hopes that he won’t end up to be the kind of teenage boy who seems to simultaneously hate girls and want to date them.

    I would also second meaningoflife’s American Born Chinese recommendation.

  4. 13strong says:

    JTEGNELL, as far as I know “Blankets” has been out for a long time now.

    It was published in 2003 and won the Harvey, Eisner and Ignatz awards in 2004.

    This is a list of more recent comics and GNs, presumably. Otherwise, if we were to cover all the greatest comics and GNs, it would be a very long list.

  5. arkizzle says:

    100 Days of Monsters is a great book!

  6. Isaac Cates says:

    I’m kind of bummed not to see any minicomics on this list. You can’t really go wrong with stuff by Matt Wiegle or Shawn Cheng and Joey Sayers has a lot of good books, too.

    Plus, there’s Jesse Reklaw’s work, which I think you can get from the Global Hobo distro …

    I mean, if you really want to support indy / make-it-yourself comics…

  7. Fish says:

    The Trial of Colonel Sweeto and Other Stories is superb. Would highly recommend as a book to keep out for visitors.

  8. jtegnell says:

    Everyone gets tired of people who say “but what about X?!?!” indignantly whenever any list is compiled, but I’m going to have to say: but what about “Blankets” by Craig Thompson?!?!

    I second the above recommendation of “American Born Chinese” as well.

    But how “Blankets” didn’t make this list is beyond me. Winning the Harvey, Eisner, and Ignatz awards is pretty much a clean sweep.

    One caveat: “Blankets” is a story for adults. Not because there is material inappropriate for kids, but it just wouldn’t interest kids very much.

  9. 4thAce says:

    I would like to suggest Wondermark: Beards of our Forefathers and Help Is on the Way as well. Hilarious, both.

  10. Lauren O says:

    Not because there is material inappropriate for kids

    Unless you consider a book that makes you sob abjectly for a half hour inappropriate for kids.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hey Cory, thanks for recommending my book! I missed it last time. If ever you do another comic strip collection of more of your superb shorts, I would love to contribute some art!


    Nick Abadzis

  12. MeaningOfLife says:

    I also recommend American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang.

  13. indiecognition says:

    book = lump of coal
    in that they should either be burned, or buried for thousands of years to decompose into fossil fuel.

  14. Takuan says:

    but indie, some of these are COMIC books!

  15. tcwcheng says:

    I must add Linda Barry’s One Hundred Demons to this list.


  16. maryofkentucky says:

    I would really love a list of charitable gifts or gifts you can buy to help small businesses. Maybe they will consider it, please? :) I want the graphic novel about the constitution.

  17. MeaningOfLife says:

    Laika made me almost cried and hug my own dog afterward.

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