Hyper-surveilled handbag in shop-window

Donal sez, "I came across this display in a shop window in Dublin, Ireland and thought of Cory... If we this much surveillance on a handbag, the shoplifters have won."

Big Brother's secret handbag fetish (Thanks, Donal!)


  1. It looks like a clever display that impresses the perceived coveted nature of the bag, and an immediacy in purchase. Even the shops will poke fun at the government to drive sales.

  2. Isn’t this in a Dolce and Gabbana store? If so it has not much to do with surveillance and much more to do with the worship of a handbag.
    Saw it in L.A., NY, etc.

  3. The Louis Vuitton Stores look all the same. I saw this window in Honolulu and San Francisco, and even here in Switzerland it was the same. Global Marketing…

  4. i saw the same display when in Sydney a few months ago
    first thing i thought of was big brother , I dont remeber the shop name :]

  5. The cameras being fake as part of a store display makes more sense to me. If they were working cameras, it would wind up costing them more money to maintain surveillance on that one item than they’d make from selling it.

  6. That’s a pretty cool idea to draw attention to a product and make it look more desirable and precious.

  7. Same displays in NYC and New Zealand. Three windows have the hyper-surveilled handbag, and the fourth has a fake broken window with glass everywhere and the handbag missing.

  8. I had seen the same display here in downtown Calgary a few months ago and snapped a picture with my phone. The results were quite poor so I’m not surprised that it never made it to be posted to BB.

    I had come across this right after I finished reading ‘Little Brother’ so it really caught my attention.

  9. And in SF…I saw it 2 weeks ago and wanted to take a picture for Cory but for that one day didn’t have my camera with me…then I forgot.

  10. I saw this same display in Boston in November but didn’t bother to photograph it because I could have sworn I’d already seen it on Boing Boing. I guess not. LOL

  11. The same display is at Fashion Valley Mall here in San Diego, California–no doubt this “sculpture” is meant to be an ironic meditation on the object as celebrity (or thief, or terrorist, for that matter). One has to conclude it does its job–we see it, remember it, and now, yikes!, write about it. Memo in SD.

  12. I think that bags up to something. Maybe its a terrorist bag. I think we should have cameras on all bags just in case one of them gets out of line so we can stomp its ass.

  13. I’m pretty sure that anyone with two neurons to rub together would instantly know the cameras are decorative and social commentary, I’m surprised to see previous commenters attempting to alert us to this fact.

  14. Dammit – I sent this in a couple months ago – same display in Dublin.

    Anyways, then I discovered that they had the same one in my local mall in Atlanta. Anyways, I instantly thought of Cory.

  15. Aw, man… I saw this display at the Vuitton shop in Verona, Italy in Sept. and submitted the pic in Oct. because I thought of Cory. Clever clever…

  16. And it was here in Chicago too-I just missed getting a pic when it was up. Fascinating that’s a global image these days.

  17. so whats the lesson here, that boingboing’ers are in North America, Japan and Europe… or… that there are no Vuitton shops in Africa, China or India…

  18. Actually, something nasty and Lovercraftian is going to hatch out of each bag in days to come. The covert masters of the world want to catch the little buggers crawling out from every angle.

  19. I discovered the same in Verona, Italy this summer und had to take a picture immediately. Great ad playing with a sensitive issue.

  20. I’m sure that looks pretty good to Harry Winston. They just had $108 million in jewelry stolen the other day.

  21. Gosh. Hope Vuitton sends BB a big hefty cheque for this (or at least the ultra-deluxe shwag box)! We just made some Vice-President of Marketing very, very happy. Glowey, even. Possibly engorged (not erect, egorged. Trying to maintain gender fluidity in said hypothetical Vice-President).

  22. I especially like how some of the cameras are merely filming other cameras. Just watching the other cameras to make sure they aren’t slacking on the job.

  23. Auckland has the same thing. When I first saw it (months ago?) I thought of boingboing. Then I thought it had probably already been posted :D

  24. We have this self-same display at the Louis Vuitton store in Toronto, and I also saw it in Kyoto, Japan.

  25. Funny that I’m in DUBLIN (hence the non-obscure name!) and never thought to post a pic of this cos I knew it was a generic LV window display that I personally don’t think is clever or cute – or actually BoingBoing-worthy!.

    I suppose it’s meant to tell you how desirable important and valuable the LV brand is, etc blah, yawn. (puke?!)

    The display has changed – not sure when the BoingBoing-er in question too this photo then.

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