SKULLS: the skull-a-day book


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  1. Bender says:

    Noah rocks. To watch him make this themed work of art every day for a year (and have the majority of them be of the kick-ass sort) was one of my daily high points. I miss that, darn it!

    The book is very inspiring! Way to go Skull-a-day man!

  2. CB says:

    Martha Stewart actually had this guy on a few months ago.

  3. James David says:

    Yeah, Noah!

  4. Digital Artz says:

    Another meaning for “what you
    eat may kill you”.
    Nice artwork.

  5. justONEguy says:

    Ooh. Pretty skull t-shirt: Geoskullz 2009

  6. urshrew says:

    The spaghetti one simply is great. I know most these were well planned and executed, but part of me wants to believe that was created by accident.

  7. Kieran O'Neill says:

    Hooray! I’d gotten lax in following Skull-a-Day after Noah completed his year, but I had always hoped he would get a book deal!

    And it’s very reasonably priced, too. I hope he sees some return on that.

    Great Amazon reviews there.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I think one of the biggest draws of his subject matter is the sense that each one of his pieces is a mirror of sorts for our own heads, an x-ray epiphany of what lies just beneath the surface. dunno if it’s ultimately death or just truth, but i know i like the reflection. -yelahneb

  9. Rezpect says:

    Back in October, the week of Halloween was “Skull Week” on my blog (, where each day I posted only stories about and pictures of skulls. I had accidentally tripped over that week and have since become a huge fan of Noah. Thanks for reviewing this fun book.

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