Web Zen: Winter Zen

catmas cheer
tuba christmas
34 diy gifts
christmas stickers
snowy kitten
winter cranberry cupcakes
santastic 4
cute animal christmas song

previously on web zen:
chaoskitties in snowsuits
winter zen 2007

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  1. At first I thought it was going to be a nature video. I was wrong. It was a nightmare converted into bits, then sent to youtube.

  2. Mod note – If you’re wondering why the spam is still here, this thread (and only this thread) seems to have fallen in love with Carlos12345 and refuses to delete his comments.

  3. The moral of the story, Arkizzle, is that there are some answers you’ll get faster if you put your address on your eyeball notes.

  4. Oh, good to note Teresa, done.

    WinterZen and Carlos sitting in a tree,
    First comes love, then comes marriage,
    Then comes baby, in a golden carriage.

    Takuan, yes.. stringy at best.

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