Candy-Coated: the story of a badass with a lollipop for a head


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  1. Phil Hilliker says:

    That was fantastic. I’ve never heard of him but now I’m really curious about his other writings.

  2. DevNall says:

    I enjoyed the hell out of Mellick’s book “Satan Burger”. Seriously weird shit but extremely entertaining.

  3. Procrastes says:

    As usual, Cory is following me around in his balloon ready to bungee down and give me deep background and information directly related to my most recent obsession. I’ve just been getting into Bizarro over the last month and just posted my review of The Bizarro Starter Kit (Orange) edited by Carlton Mellick III this morning. From what I’ve read so far of CMIII’s work I’ve enjoyed Sausagey Santa most. It has firefights, a domme xmas fetishist named Decapitron and of course, a Santa made of sausage. You’ll snort eggnog out your nose.

    Here’s my bizarro shelf:

    It’s worth mentioning that I added Someone Comes to town, someone leaves town to the my bizarro shelf as well because it felt right there. I’m curious what Cory thinks about that classification. Do you think your book fits as a bizarro book?

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