The Road to CES: What do you want? (BBtv + Boing Boing Gadgets)


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  1. Macguyver says:

    A better netbook? Mobile gaming? If it’s ready in time try to get your hands on a Pandora console at CES. Runs Linux, integrated joysticks, Wi-Fi & fits in the palm of your hand – a retro gaming dream. And most importantly, it beat Asus by 2 years at being the first community designed “netbook” ever made. Great story, killer device.

  2. woolyfran says:

    I want to see Klaus Pierre show us around the expo! Don’t tell me he REALLY got deported…

  3. Nawel says:

    I wonder… is “I’ve just falled in love with Xeni Jardin” considered a valid comment?


    anyway, I can’t ask or suggest much for CES, except for wishing you people the best of luck while there. Looking forward to watch some good coverage at BBtv.

  4. Xeno says:

    Why does your blackboard say ‘XENO’ in big giant letters? Is someone trying to tell me something? Is this my secret message to activate as a manchurian candidate?

  5. Anonymous says:

    @Xeno: Link. The guy makes posters where you can spell out your name with lenticular 3D photographs that represent the Periodic Table of Elements. That one spells Xe + Ni, “xenon” and “nickel.”

  6. Rob Beschizza says:

    We shall endeavor to video the meaning.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I”d really like to see what is offer on the show’s smallest booth ?

    What small company scraped together enough pennies to show of their new product that probably isn’t going to be a world beater but has some use to someone, somewhere.

    Lets see the less glitzy action packed techno stuff.

    The owners would probably be really happy to get the coverage too!

  8. ab5tract says:

    +1 on the Quest for the Smallest Booth.

  9. Anonymous says:

    XENO? No, it says Xe Ni – Xenon and Nickel.

    Look closer, there is an “Ni” in the upper-left corner of the second panel…

  10. OM says:

    …Actually, I quit carrying any real CES coverage last year even though I had a couple of OMBloggers offering to cover it for me. There’s so damn many tech blogs out there fighting over the coverage that it’s one of those situations of “why bother?” when everyone else is doing it.

    …Still, if you must do some sort of coverage to justify going out there, then I suggest covering only the weirdest, oddest, useless and otherwise whackjob gadgets that are so outside the mainstream that they probably won’t get covered by the other tech jumk sites. Those gadgets are far more interesting than the 207 different makes and models of flat screens, 192 different netbooks, and two or three bullshit (cr)Apple products that may or may not get announced.

    …Even better, steal one of my patented traditions: go to the various vendor parties and do reviews on the finger food and cheap booze they serve, and actually critique what’s been served. In my journalism days, that was what I did during elections, and always had a blast even at the Democrat parties, which in the early 80′s always were noted for the worst snacks and weakest margaritas in Texas history :-P

    And then there’s the porn chick booths, which are always a hoot…er…uh..

  11. teuthis says:

    Smallest booth!

  12. ab5tract says:


    There have got to be some wearable displays at CES in 2008. What are they like? Do they suck? If not, why have they not caught on? Do they or do they not fatigue your eyes at unsatisfactory levels? Where is my goddamn eyeTap already?

    Also, new input devices. What other options are there for text entry besides keyboards?

    There was so much innovation going on in wearable computing in the late 90s, early 00s, yet it seems that now that we are finally getting the components at a power per watt scale to do some really interesting things, there is little interest or even activity going on in this sector commercially.

    So, barring consumer grade end user products, how about keeping an eye out for the latest in tiny cameras, CCD chips, and other items from which we may make our own wearable gears?

  13. Anonymous says:

    I am massively dissapointed my comment didnt get put through to the last thread…
    It had tons of good ideas.
    I will restate what i can remember here.
    Uhhhhhh… new android devices, finding someone to interview that isnt spouting corporate buzzwords, wear a costume, keep video cameras focused on joel constantly for the entertainment value as previously shown in his reviews, home automation, a double dog dare to find something that is actually innovative/well designed/useful/ingenious/etc, discover the vapidity of booth babes [they have those at CES right?], declare something really pathetic as an iphone killer and on that note find many worthless gadgets for razzie awards…
    Dammit… i had a huge post and i can barely remember anything now.
    Oh well.

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