Have a Very Star Wars Holiday


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  1. t3knomanser says:

    If you do intend to suffer yourself through this, why do it alone? I LOLed muchly with the Rifftrax crew.

    //I’m just a fan, not a shill.
    //Seriously, their Riff is worth the $4.

  2. Ugly Canuck says:

    Nice to see a reference in the article to the Airtight Garage (of Jerry Cornelius).

  3. macisaguy says:

    While the rifftrax are worth every penny…I have about 15 or so at this point…their Star Wars Holiday special version is currently available on google videos.

    Check it out here…

    Great stuff…

    BTW, Rifftrax is the Mystery Science Theater 3000 guys…still at the top of their game.

  4. eagleapex says:

    Happy Life Day everyone!

  5. noen says:

    Happy Holidays.

    Say it with Wookies.

  6. styrofoam says:

    Wookie ookie is still one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen on public airwaves. And the content was just implied.

  7. PFlint says:

    #21, Han Solo Comedy Hour:

    Which one was Bea Arthur? ;-)

  8. Hugh Lilly says:

    There’s a recent (web-only?) Vanity Fair piece about the Star Wars Holiday Special, “The Han Solo Comedy Hour!“, that might be of interest to some; here’s an hilarious quote:

    While flipping through a book of production stills, Vilanch says, the Star Wars creator came across a particularly provocative-looking creature. “Lucas, who had been pretty stolid the whole time, turned to me and said: ‘Oh yes, we call him Cuntface.’

    And that’s what it looked like, actually. I noticed in a later movie”—Return of the Jedi—“that Lucas had, like, a huge vagina in the desert that sucked things in. So, I think this is one of his leitmotifs.”

  9. LB says:

    Where the hell is our unicorn chaser?

  10. Takuan says:

    did you know Godwin applied to EVERYTHING?

  11. TEKNA2007 says:

    Hugh Lilly@21

    There’s a recent (web-only?) Vanity Fair piece about the Star Wars Holiday Special, “The Han Solo Comedy Hour!”

    Excellent link – thank you.

  12. Colonist says:

    The Philadelphia-based record label Mad Decent samples Star Wars about 3 minutes into their Xmas Video Podcast “Angels With Filthy Souls”. Its one of my favorite holiday mashups of this year.

  13. Stefan Jones says:

    I have a horribly-quality pirate VHS copy of the special. I started watching it the other night and just couldn’t make it past the first ten minutes. Really horribly painful.

    I think rifftrax is the way to go.

  14. KanedaJones says:

    I take it none of these links are to a pirate copy? I mean, boing boing IS law abiding normally (until desent is made a crime in UK/USA/CAN).

    a friend told me there is a website established to pass around a DVD iso that was made off of a studio quality betamax tape just this year with two versions one without comercials and one with! Its free of charge too. I havent gotten around to finding that page but I am sure its googleable..

  15. arkizzle says:

    Here’s something I spotted the other day and totally meant to share with BB.. Now seems a perfect opportunity.

    In Bristol, there is a place called Wookey Hole (it’s a cave system), Hah! And if that wasn’t funny enough, this year they are hosting Santa Land in it, as in “Come see Santa, deep in Wooky Hole”, ok I made that up – but that’s what my mind leapt to.

    I chuckled about it for days.. any of the locals I asked about it didn’t seem to enjoy the joke as much as me, even when I pointed out the Star Wars reference and the resulting innuendo..

    Some people, eh? Psshh.

    Anyway, WOOKEY HOLE! :)


  16. Avram says:

    Stefan Jones @10, there is one good thing about the Holiday Special — the cartoon, with Boba Fett. Just fast-forward through the tape till you get to animation.

  17. InsertFingerHere says:

    Oh SNAP, #12, this page is creeping the frack out of me. I can’t stop watching, and the terror is building. Honestly, this is seriously creepy.


  18. reeraw says:

    i was so inspired by life day and carrie fisher’s caroling that i did a fashion spread about it:


  19. gths says:

    Is that the one where the moon falls on Chewbacca?

  20. arkizzle says:


    Careful! Anything can happen in the Witches kitchen.

    A N Y T H I N G

  21. Editz says:

    Don’t forget Richard Pryor’s take on the SW universe:


  22. arkizzle says:

    If it hasn’t been linked to already, here’s the whole thing.. with original ads and News Break!
    News stories include Neutron Bombs “that’s the bomb that kills people, but leaves buildings standing”, CIA agents, Blizzards and Falling Birth Rates! Appropriate, kid friendly programming – as ever!

  23. Secret_Life_of_Plants says:

    I sadly, still know the lyrics to “What do you get a Wookie for Christmas when he already owns a comb?”

  24. arkizzle says:

    ..oh yeah: Shhhh! Don’t tell Bonnie!

  25. ZippySpincycle says:

    Carrie Fisher was on NPR’s Talk of the Nation recently, and said, regarding the Holiday Special: “How could you be a fan of that and not need psychiatric care?”

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