Gummi X-Ray Fish


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  1. ThinkandDrive says:

    Back in “the day”, there was a site called It’s still up, but no longer active.

    I wrote a guest review for some “Gummi Poop” I picked up while in Tokyo years ago.

    Talk about your strange candy concepts!

  2. Tenn says:

    Ooh. I want one.

  3. bugmaker says:

    I saw these in a catalogue at work yesterday… very compelling!!!

  4. Snowpea says:

    So, what am I looking at here? A piece of plastic, shaped like fishbones with a gummi overlay? Or is the entire thing gummi, but with different hardness / density levels?

    The gummi geek in me needs to know!

  5. Anonymous says:

    A friend in college had a 5 lb bag of gummi bears. We began experimenting in what, in hindsight, could be called Nazi doctor fashion. Microwave oven, vivisection, and so on. The gummi bear rack never extracted any useful information. But brain and heart transplants were successful. A little red heart inside a green gummi bear was very dramatic.

  6. BtA says:

    There is actually a cultural reason for the gummi poop – these little piles are considered “lucky.” Why? Not a clue. Maybe because it’s good if you have both food and regular bowel movements. But you can also find a number of keychains, charms and so forth in this shape.

    Gummy xray fish, I have no explanation for.

  7. IWood says:

    Must have rare gummi…

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