Kate Micucci plays "Dear Deer" on the ukulele

Kate Micucci plays "Dear Deer" on the ukulele


  1. Mark,

    Is there something you aren’t telling us about the Uke videos? Do you have stock in the C.F. Martin Guitar Company’s string buisness?

  2. Holy crap, that was adorable! Were those her kids? I’m forwarding this to everyone I know! (Yeah, I’m “that guy”)

  3. Totally adorable!

    But why all the PA hate? It’s a beautiful state! Living in Dallas sure makes me miss it. :(

  4. While most of these cute young chick uke vids are annoying, this one is rather funny. I’m concerned that Mark is developing a fetish.
    I too own a Martin S-O.

  5. oh man… i’ve had a crush on kate micucci and those enormous eyes for longer than i care to admit…

    this song is so silly. and i love the feet twitch at the end…

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