Weird and wonderful video mashup: "Sweatin' like a farm animal, cool as a daisy"

Nick denBoer, the same fellow who created the "Run with the Kittens" video we pointed to a while back, has a new, surreallicious TV mashup video called "Sweatin' like a farm animal, cool as a daisy." Nick's videoband is called Smearballs.


  1. A post with CanCon that didn’t come from Cory? I’m stunned!

    (The show that the quote comes a daytime show on the CBC called “Steven and Chris” and it also appears that Smearballs is Canadian as well.)

  2. WTF????

    someone actually put time and effort into that? Why? It seemed to have no cohesive structure whatsoever. And the sound! what was that?

    to me this seems like a very polished turd. It may be shiny, and taken lots of “effort” But its still a turd.

  3. The transitions were a bit abrupt, but I loved the video. I think I’ve found a new ringtone or two for my phone; sweatin’ like a farm animal, cool as a daisy, oh yeah.

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