Soviet Unterzoegersdorf part 2: Monochrom's retro-sov-kitsch game!


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  1. Jonathan Badger says:

    OS X version works for me (early 2006 Intel iMac running OS 10.5.6)

  2. tartar says:

    You can die in very drastic ways.
    Very entertaining!

  3. MrFrankenstein says:

    I could be totally wrong, but judging from that screenshot:×480.jpg

    …that looks curiously similar in some way to a tweaked version of ‘the farmhouse’ – in the classic adventure game ‘Gabriel Knight – The Beast Within.’,8093/

    The makers wouldn’t be ‘using’ the software from the uber-awesome adventure game ‘The Beast Within,’ would they?

    If so – then folks should perhaps go read the workarounds available that people are using to play THAT game on modern OS’s…

  4. domeier says:

    I’m salivating… but I’d like to know the system requirements before downloading and trying to run on an xp laptop. I didn’t see them on the SU site – am I stupid, comrade?

  5. pilcrow says:

    I grow weary of your Bre Pettis nerd-crush.

    Dr. Horrible

  6. Keir says:

    I didn’t know about the first part, I just thought Soviet Unterzoegersdorf was a series of Cheetos ads! Will check out the first part later, sounds like it could be fun.

  7. grenz says:

    @mrfrankenstein: you are referring to a screenshot of sector 1 (2005).

    game engine in use: ags 3.1

  8. grenz says:

    @1: XP is perfectly fine. And Vista. And 2000.

  9. Salty says:

    OSX appears to be bugged, at least from my first pass. Took minutes to load, then hung on a full black screen that I couldn’t out of.

  10. PaulR says:

    Sector II is a German outfit.

    I’ve tried to phoneticize Unterzoegersdorf / Unterzögersdorf in French:
    Oune-terre tseux-guèrze dorfe, grouped as such:
    Unter zögers dorf.

    Hold a zigarette between your thumb and two fingers, sneer a little, and should get the accent just about right.

    Under Hesitate Village?

    I don’t get the translation. But, in Russia, translation get you!

  11. Anonymous says:

    For the Mac users having problems: Try it multiple times. It finally worked for me on the third attempt. (Leopard, 2007 Macbook)

  12. cycle23 says:

    “And also bloshevik geetings to the folks at Silver Server ( for bandwith sponsoring.”

    In Soviet Server, Shevik Blo You!

  13. domeier says:

    Sector 1 runs fine on my basic xp laptop. That said… the game itself is only slightly entertaining.

  14. cycle23 says:

    For kicks I translated the German to English using my favorite MT system… I think it reads like someone from Russia who learned English in Germany:

    There is a menu where you can control the game?
    Look, COMRAD. I have this question with answer yes. Pull the mouse over the top of the screen, and have a look at the future of Game-menus. And do not forget that you do not regulate the volume can. And the brightness. And color of the mouse cursor! At least it red.

    The main menu is in English, the game as well. And i don’t understand a word! Can i play English conversion?
    Look, COMRAD. Yes, you can (and understand this is now not wrong as a metaphor for stupid liberal “hope”). You just in the start the wrong language chosen! Nikita Perostek Chrusov most beautiful will always speak Russian, but you will then have subtitles can read. These are also in british english, not American. A matter of style!

    Chrusov sometimes speaks English even though i chose english; for example, “The future will be wheel or it will be bullshit.” I have since about a mistake?
    Look, COMRAD. Commissioner Chrusov is our ambassador. He has the ugly Planet of the late learned by western broadcasts transcribed it. And sometimes uses it to stop. Why should we give them a rope equal rotation?

    There are somewhere a “Undo” button? I accidentally clicked and the action would undo this now.
    Look, COMRAD. As Lenin said: “history can never make undo”. He also say “who – whom?” Do it. And start from scratch. Now!

    You can turn on original backgroundmusic?
    Look, COMRAD. As long as you stay at the songs on Radio Free unterzögersdorf played everything is fine. But never question after the original soundtrack. Not to ask a noble principle of the party.

    Can the Sound somehow off?
    Look COMRAD. Our great if you do not suffer noises can plug your headphones and setz they simply do not.

    Where are the saved games?
    Look COMRAD. Soviet unterzögersdorf: sector II is Microsoft Vista Game Explorer compatible, it saves matches under My Documents | | My saved games Soviet Unterzoegersdorf II”. It is a 7-Character-extension on the application (the Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP does not harm) and by double-click the file of the saved game you can get this start. The installer tries, the extension to register.

    Alt-F4 quits the game without a single warning. This is the missing Boss button?
    Look, COMRAD. Our System Operator once received a copy of old, in Redmond, WA published on the use manual of the old-F4 and has implemented.

    Severed body parts, the continuing discussion about so-called ‘Killer games” in Germany in particular. Now you can indeed quite Chrusov leichtblütig around the corner; do you think really that this game, particularly in Germany, suitable for children as can be classified?
    Look, COMRAD. Communism is no easy task, even if children are the future. And what the German subject: like the big cars and large banks. But what they most of all, is great guilt.

    The game is too heavy. I need help!
    Look, COMRAD. Many WestlerInnen have simple puzzles in the Soviet unterzögersdorf: sector I complained. They are Calvin Klein briefs eat!

    The main character is so slow!
    Look, COMRAD. At first and foremost, the main character a name: His Excellency the ambassadors of the Confederation, Nikita Perostek Chrusov. By pressing the Q-key you can (R)-( )-with L-in System pumps. The Q Quickness, so for speed. But beware! A human being is a delicate thing and should not be kept zugedrogt with hormones.

    The OSX and/or Linux Port will not work! You aren’t good!
    Look, COMRAD. Insult us. We don’t like insults. We send normally angry people to the rude people. So care. If the magnificent OSX Port (of the heroines of Wrapperizing – Codeweavers – generously to provide provided) on your computer doesn’t work, then search for the fault not with us or the heroines of Wrapperizing – Codeweavers. Read the System Info. Or you get an emulator. You are strong. You can even worry about it.

    What is dialectic?

    Look, COMRAD. The great thing an hegelian “phenomenology and its result ­ the dialectic of negativity as the touching and producing ­ principle is that the Hegel (of man as a process takes Vergegenständlichung as Entgegenständlichung, humiliation and lifting this humiliation; that he is the nature of work and take the present, true, because real people, as a result his own work understands. For Marx is nothing more than the social reality the basis for the “Gang of matter itself”. Not the development of the terms or the spirit determine the reality, but the action of the people, based on the actual needs and the by the economic situation certain interests, determine their thinking and therefore the development of ideas. Under Marx is also the materialist dialectic logic and historically. The opposition unites two opposites to a higher third as Hegel, but triggers a process of historic enforcement of the logical better and stronger relations, as the human practice which has promoted the story. In the social practice human intentions social reality, through willful interference in social processes and the existing relationships as historically certain social development laws. The materialistic dialectic Marx and Engels as methodology of Marxism to grounding the scientific socialism perceived. It will have the other history of the communist philosophy to fundamental part of the historic dialectical materialism and how he is not always agree among themselves in Friedrich Engels, Lenin or dogmatic strong vergröbert encountered by Stalin. The dialectic laws exist here before regardless of consciousness. By revolutionary transformation of production conditions and -conditions and the then possible exploiting those laws are these then in interaction with the consciousness.

    Known Bugs v1.0:

    Error: end this game in the english Version by Republikflucht this menu appears in English. Man/woman begins an new game, the dialogs in English, but several poems and songs only german comrades understandable.
    Solution: the problem simply instead of “new game” and “load game” and “the savegame Game start Autosave” shop. The game run in English. We are as quickly as possible a patch and a modified version v1.1. Please wait, the proletarian celebrations were very exhausting.

  15. Salty says:

    Worst UI ever, horrible interface. Granted I’m on OSX, still buggy as hell. Waste of my time, imho, good luck with PCs

    There are plenty people that do games right. Why lock me down in a crap UI for nothing? Is that the best they can do? Screen freeze for 4 minutes only to never esc to a windowed mode? No functions? If I want a third world experience I’ll go to Mexico.

  16. grenz says:

    @5: Really? I remember one beta-tester mentioned that he loaded it and the game stalled. But he simply reloaded it and it worked fine. Anyways, there is a V1.1 on the way.

    @6: Could be roughly translated as “Lower-Brick-Village” (if you go with the Old German term) or “Lower-Procrastination-Village”, the etymologists are not quite clear about the origin.

  17. grenz says:

    @15: anonymous hero, we put your advice into our “faq”.

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