World's most flushingest toilet

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This St Thomas Creations toilet flushes basically, anything. Huge, vasty supplies of euphemistic carrot-batons, entire chess-sets, and so on. I kept waiting for the child safety warning about its capacity to swallow whole toddlers.

(Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. I had a roommate in college, and she was bulimic or anorexic or something, and anyhow that whole sickness gives your poops a girth the size of cola cans. She kept a knife next to the toilet to chop hers up before she flushed because they wouldnt go down.. Shame we didnt have one of these, as there were a few guests that delivered that knife back to the kitchen by mistake.

  2. That is the most perfect video ever made. It’s tone, the photography, the music, everything.

    I can just see it now, the presentation in the executive boardroom. The V.P. takes Johnson aside seconds before introducing him, “listen Johnson, you’re running out of friends around here, and that business with the Collins account didn’t help. If you stuff up this time, your ass is mine! Now we need flushing power in the executive bathroom, and you better be able to deliver, got it?”

    Johnson just smiles. “Oh, I think we’ll be OK…”

    …and cue video.

  3. was that really 18 hotdogs??
    I used “industrial” toilet at an airport in dubia once… it sucked the water so fast, not to mention it was loud. Wonder how loud this one is

  4. It’s not the poop, it’s the toilet paper that always plugs up the toilet………..let’s see it try to flush some Charmin’!!!! That’s the real test.

  5. I am amazed at the power of the toilet, but will the environmental people protest at the types of items being flushed. I wish i had one of these at home with 2 males in their 20’s max’ing out my sewer system.

  6. This just makes me think that a lot of people need to invest less in toilets and more in healthier diets.

  7. This seems like a really bad idea to me. I mean, isn’t at least part of the point of the small opening in the toilets to prevent you from flushing something too large for your pipes to handle? Sure this toilet will flush anything, but I can only imagine all of that stuff will get stuck somewhere in the maze of pipes in your house, which is a little bit more expensive and time consuming to fix than using the ol’ plunger.

  8. man that comma is really getting me bummed out right now.

    i was in guatemala two weeks ago doing homestay and for the first few days i had to just eat bread and airport food cause of layovers and then when i finally pooped it was just this brick sitting there staring me the fuck down like “i dare you to try something.” i returned the favor. guatemalan plumbing is not one of the selling points of guatemala and cannot even handle toilet paper so it was out of an empiricist curiosity that i flushed initially. didn’t even budge. there wasn’t a plunger in the room and i am not the sort to just chin up and ask so i had to macgyver it with a pencil. then i had a poopy pencil and i didn’t want my family to be getting foul ideas about how i spend my free time so i wrapped it in toilet paper before i threw it away

  9. This reminds me of Mr. Rogers singing:

    You can never go down,
    Can never go down,
    The drain.

    In the segment he stood inside a toilet and flushed it, to quell this particular fear in his tiny audience members.

    A toilet like this would induce nightmares in toddlers.

  10. >>euphemistic carrot batons
    …so the hot dogs and grapes /aren’t/ euphemistic, then?!

  11. Am I the only one who sees this as a wonderful metaphor for 21st century first world society? Consume and discard without question, and if you can’t see it then it isn’t a problem…

  12. Gotta wonder what the people working at the sewage plant thought when they were doing this experiment. “WTF is going to show up next?”

  13. coolvoodoo@9 It’s not the poop, it’s the toilet paper that always plugs up the toilet………..let’s see it try to flush some Charmin’!!!! That’s the real test.

    I agree, let’s see some toilet paper tests. During the Christmas holidays, we visited my boyfriend’s family at their approximately 100-year-old farm house. My 5-year-old daughter put quite a lot of toilet paper into the toilet, and I foolishly thought it would flush. Last I heard, that toilet was still out of commission. I’m not sure even this toilet would help, though, since as Sidra @13 pointed out, the plumbing probably wouldn’t have been able to handle it anyway.

  14. I was waiting for the…

    “Human Flesh – 3 lbs. Body disposal in only 60 flushes*”

    *Number of flush may vary between size of murder victim.

  15. I was saddened to see those gummy bears and grapes to be flushed away. Such a waste…

    On another note, there are some amazingly weird stories on this thread.

  16. They need to be more realistic with the items chosen for flushing, such as “1.5 kilos of coke” or “$20,000 in counterfeit bills” or “23 goldfish”

  17. I kept waiting for this video to actually go somewhere, but it’s just repetitive. Since this product seems to be positioning itself as the world’s most pretentious toilet, I was hoping for something a little more creative. So many missed opportunities!

    In any case, what’s up with all this pussy footing around? Will it flush an oversize turd with a wadded TP chaser, or won’t it?

    And will it flush kilo bags of, um, evidence?

    @#3 Hey, nice reference. I love that movie.

    @#6 No, that didn’t look like 18 hotdogs to me either.

  18. Pf. Let them try to flush 3 lb of cookie dough, and then i’ll be impressed. The items used in the video are very easy to flush.

  19. This advert is crap(ahem). Seems this toilet is good a disposing of things which can float, whoop-de-do. What about something about the size and flexibility of two coke can stuck end to end. Something difficult from the head-straining, embolism-inducing 2-3 region of the Bristol Stool Scale(

  20. I’m not really seeing what’s so impressive…

    I installed an American Standard Champion toilet in my previous house probably over 2 years ago. It was the best thing I ever did. We went from plunging 3-5 times a week to once a year.

    And yeah they have a video on their website showing things like 2 dozen golf balls and stuff like this. It was a little loud, but nothing like a full line pressure toilet found in businesses.

    As we renovate the bathrooms in our new house, Champions are going in….

  21. An American visitor at the company I work for was amazed at the strength of our toilets’ flush; he described it as ‘hardcore’.

    The sewage systems in Greece are apparently unable to cope with flushing paper (small diameter pipes, I think), so all toilets are provided with a bin for soiled toilet roll. I found this rather unpleasant.

  22. [Pride]I’ve watched the video, and I still doubt its ability to flush one of MY turds.[/pride]

  23. Must have. I was relieved to see the plastic letters go down, because that’s the exact shape and texture of my BM’s. With the occasional rook or knight mixed in.

  24. [Pride]I’ve watched the video, and I still doubt its ability to flush one of MY turds.[/pride]

    How many Courics are they, typically?

  25. re 31

    It’s just just Greece that has bins for used toilet paper. I’ve seen offices in Mexico City with bins the same thing. I didn’t even realize what they were for until one of my American coworkers commented to me about it – over dinner, not in the actual bathroom. I poop alone.

  26. Anybody got a model number for this beast, or a product link to a retailer? I could certainly use one of these, I’m sick of plunging my el-cheapo “Crane”.

  27. This could verry well turn out to be the worst thing that ever happend to the sewersystems and water cleaning facilities..

  28. It’s bad enough we flush our shit and piss into the bottom end of our water supply after we’ve chemically treated it. Now we can flush all kinds of other things right down the toilet: tampons, condoms, q-tips, rubber gloves, drug paraphernalia, contraband substances.

    This is not amusing; this is a business plan. And it’s straight out of our unsustainable past.

  29. 1. A laminated print-out of th Bristol Stool Chart is taped to the tile wall right next to our toilet. We’re still drawing the line at keeping a tally with a grease pencil right next to it, though.

    Wikipedia, you keep pouring sunshine into our daily life.

    2. Before I moved here I used to live in a shoddily built flat which featured (among other attractions like a door missing a handwidth of, well, door at the bottom)* a toilet that refused to flush.

    Well, it flushed all right, but if whatever you tried to flush was larger than a small party sausage it came slowly creeping back out of the hole. You had to threaten it with the toilet brush and give it a good poke while flushing with the other hand and balancing on one foot (the other foot was busy keeping the toilet lid from slamming back down).

    In those days I really learned to appreciate a well-flushing toilet with powerful torrents of water.

    3. Is this really the most advanced flushing system we can come up with? I keep remembering, now and then, for odd reasons of my own, the frictionless improved Motie-built toilet “The Mote in God’s Eye”.

    This thing here still seems to use a lot of water.

    4. Am I the only one who kept wishing the guy in the video would finally fill the whole bowl with stuff, so I could see it vanish into the rapacious maw of Shai-Hulud’s watery cousin?

    * You could vacuum the floor inside the room from the outside. While the door was closed.

  30. I knew the comments on this would likely be more hilarious than the Amazing vid. And y’all did not disappoint.

    @#12 nice Cosby reference!

    @29 Thanks for the link to the Bristol Stool Scale I will now be classifying all of my future BMs.

  31. The video does nothing to convince me that it’s going to work correctly.

    Virtually every plug I’ve seen has been due to two logs (which could have been one that split in two at flushing time) trying to go down at the same time and getting jammed next to each other.

  32. Everything flushed in the demonstration was particulate. I’ll bet it couldn’t flush those gummi bears if they were all on a single euphemistic string.

  33. Something about actual food being flushed (even if they were just gummy bears) is disgusting to me.

  34. The hypnotic money-flushing scene from The Seventh Continent is on youtube here, at around the 6:30 mark.

  35. I only count 15 hot dogs. This is after capping it and running it through vdub. When they switch to the close up, there’s 4, maybe 5 dogs in the bowl and another 10 or so fall out. I call shenanigans, and if you think “3 hot dogs, big deal”, you tell that to Takeru Kobayashi.

    Unless they’re marketing this to post-op gastric bypass patients, drop 4 or 5 microwave burritos in there, then we’ll talk.

  36. I prefer toilets with a shit platform. Makes it much easier to rate your turd. Plus if you need to chop it up with a breadknife, it’s easily done. The greatest invention since the actual slicing of bread.

  37. #50 i think the water in an attempt to cut down smells as a poo in water will stink somewhat less then a poo in open air.

    #53 I always sorta wondered why toilets in europe had a “shit platform” and did not believe that it was for the reason you mentioned but unless it’s too cut down on plopping poop noises i can’t figure out any other reason…

  38. All that stuff was loose. Lets see it handle a layer of Toilet Paper topped with hot dogs topped with another layer of TP topeed with dog food and another wad of TP for good measure.

    If it can flush that, then I’ll be impressed.

  39. Mrs. Premise: Well well well. ‘Course, Mrs. Essence flushed hers down the loo.
    Mrs. Conclusion: Ooh! No! You shouldn’t do that – no that’s dangerous. Yes, they breed in the sewers, and eventually you get evil-smelling flocks of huge soiled budgies flying out of people’s lavatories infringing their personal freedom.

  40. I would be worried about the standard of you house drains. They would would for ever be getting blocked by Foreign Objects as you demonstrated you very cool toilet.

  41. oh, I just found a place for sharing my feelings:

    a shit platform is great, because if your shit falls on porcelain instead of water, it won’t make the water plop back in your ass… really, what a stupid idea to put a little pool just where the thing lands. Just imagine the journeys the germs might get.


  42. … I’d believe it was the flushingest toilet if they stopped using solid things and started using liquids. How about 2 pints of chocolate milk-shake? If the water doesn’t come back at least a little bit brown, I’d be impressed.

  43. I’ve never been disappointed by the toilets in Poland when I go to visit. Most have that ‘shit shelf’ , which is bad enough, but I’ve also never seen a bathroom with an exhaust fan. You’ve got showers, toilets, and no fan?

    The washrooms in Poland are the smelliest things ever. It’s not rocket science.

    Also, they should have let that dog food sit in the bowl for 5 minutes, let it absorb some water.. then try and flush that sucker.

  44. The washrooms in Poland are the smelliest things ever. It’s not rocket science.

    Ah, ethnic jokes… :p

  45. Only in America – both the waste of perfectly good food/objects, and the apparent need for a toilet that can handle massive amounts of poop.

  46. Bah, I could break this toilet after an evening at the Sizzler.

    Note to those who insist on “Will it blend” meme jokes: It’s not funny anymore, it’s day has been had. Please take your polyester bell bottoms and pet rocks and go home.

  47. This toilet would be great if people pooped like deer. Large quantities of small object do not equate to small quantities of large objects.

  48. Note to those who insist on “Will it blend” meme jokes: It’s not funny anymore, it’s day has been had. Please take your polyester bell bottoms and pet rocks and go home.

    …and blend them?

  49. @#79 Quickasfoxes

    Where does it all go?

    Well, to the great sewage canal in the sky…

    That or into some wildlife reservation.

  50. not one Al Bundy reference?

    In any case, a flush like that is bad news. Instead of having a chance at clearing the towel the toddler tried to flush at the U-bend, you will almost certainly be dealing with a blockage waaayyy down the pipe where it is difficult and expensive to fix.

  51. I can’t recall when I’ve laughed this hard at a comment thread.

    Latente @50: I believe the reason American toilets are so much bigger than European models is that so many of them went into newly constructed buildings, instead of being retrofitted into already-cramped bathrooms that might themselves have been late additions to the floor plan. Also, most of them were being supplied from and discharging into relatively new and capacious water and sewer systems.

    I’ve heard Brits refer to our showers as “car washes,” so apparently the scale carries over to our other fixtures.

    Entropy @65, the “shit platform” was explained to me as a health measure, since it makes it easier to evaluate your stools.

    Zuzu @74: Not ethnic jokes, just regional variations in engineering. Every country has some. I understand high-end Japanese toilets are sublime, and require complex electronic controls.

  52. Teresa, I heard the same thing about the shit-shelf when I was living in Holland (we don’t have it in Ireland or the UK). It was actually told in a kind of ‘Daily Mail’ tone, by one of my hyper-sensationalist friends, so I didn’t believe her at first.

    Apparently, because the Dutch have a fondness for raw meats, it is for checking your stool for worms (among more generic health uses, I’m sure). I don’t know the truth of it, but your suggestion of “health measure” adds quite a bit of weight to the discussion.. a couple of courics at least :)

  53. Ask any building manager, s/he will tell ’em
    “Flush half a dozen tampons, then we’ll talk.”

  54. Am I the only one who thought, “Wow if I wanted to I could safely keep a kilo of cocaine now.” Just keep it above the toilet, and flush when law enforcement knocks.

    I’m joking…sorta.

  55. Yeah, the people who made this commercial seem to lack a basic understanding of the properties of human feces.

  56. I’m not impressed.
    The one in my house was made by Haines, Jones and Cadbury. It’s from around 1910 or so. And I doubt it would have any problem with the stuff in the video.
    The connected plumbing is big enough to handle it as well.
    Only one clog in 12 years, and I think that was quite a few paper towels, and it cleared itself with a second flush.

  57. My wife just said… “yeah, but 3.5lbs of golf balls is heavier than 3.5lbs of hot dogs”. Oh dear. Nice video, very impressive toilet.

  58. to #76, No it’s still funny.

    I can imagine the gleam in the eye of all drain technicians after seeing this, for all those stuck pipes that will have to be snaked.

    Also, think of the amount of blow you could flush down this thing if the fuzz showed up at your door.

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