STATION: graphic novel locked-room mystery on the Int'l Space Station


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  1. lettuce says:

    So, I see this, and all I can think of is Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.

    You’d think after all this time, those particular brain synapses would have been re-used to remember my kid’s birthday or at least killed off by beer.

  2. mspieg says:

    Dont you mean the “SyFy Channel” ? ;)
    ( SciFi Channel changing name to SyFy:

    Although to me that reads like “Cy-Fee” and always will. This is what happens when nerds try to broaden their demo-appeal.

  3. godfathersoul says:

    Bill and Ted… likewise! My first thought… was the droning overtone voice STA-A-A-A-Tion. Sigh. It’s stuck in there with a thousand simpsons references all hard wired in there during those precious developmental years.

  4. Strophe says:

    Lettuce, I thought I was the only one who made that deranged association.

    I may have to check this one out — seems like quite an achievement to present a murder mystery set in space in comic book format.

  5. Eric Hunting says:

    Remember Star Cops? ( Promising premise and smart writing for the time but ultimately even Pocket HAL couldn’t compensate for the lack of production value. Should have been a graphic novel, but maybe too early for that concept.

  6. cinemajay says:

    @2, nerds have nothing to do with that decision. That’s studio executives trying to find a way to put a trademark on sci fi. In any case, it will all be wrestling and movies-of-the-week in less than 18 months.

    Oh wait…

  7. Darren Garrison says:

    “So, I see this, and all I can think of is Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.”

    Exactly what my first thought was.

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