Brittni Paiva plays "Glass Ball Slack Key" on ukulele

Brittni Paiva plays "Glass Ball Slack Key" on ukulele.


  1. sorry — long past the point where ukulele cover versions are clever — we have a whole ‘orchestra’ doing them here in NZ — yawn!

  2. Hi Jmzrbnsn! As I’ve pointed out before, every time someone complains about my ukulele posts, I will runs four additional weekly posts. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Mark, hope you run one from the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain soon. “Theme from Shaft” would be my pick, but they have many awesome (and humorous) covers.

  4. Yay! Four more weekly ukulele posts!

    IMO, it’s not about whether it’s clever or not, it’s just about it being delightful. And a well-played ukulele is =always= delightful. :-)

    What I want to know is, is the uke actually tuned in some slack-key fashion?

  5. Hey, uke is as good a theme for musical posts as any other. If it were me it’d be squeezeboxes. (I’ve played both PA and Anglo Concertina, but I’m much too far out of practice to even aspisre to this level of musicianship.)

    And that’s the point, isn’t it. Musicianship trumps instrument. Someone who can play a uke well will run circles around the typical chords-only folk guitarist (never mind the typical volume-only rock guitarist). Sure, you can do that kind of picking on guitar, or banjo … and there’s probably someone out there who can maintain that kind of speed on harp… but it’s nice to see and hear no matter what instrument it’s done on.

    A good uke is a good instrument. A good uke player is a good instrumentalist. You can substitute “uke” with most of the other instruments people affect to look down upon and it remains true, which again is sorta the point of the illustration.

    Uke’s problem, like piano accordion’s, is that there was a brief period where it was too popular for its own good — it was overmarketed, crashed, and the folks who remember that period still tell middling-rude jokes about it. Unfortunately there are a lot of folks who picked up the jokes and the affected attitude without any understanding of what was behind them… and as a result we had a period where certain instruments were almost taboo. Now they’re being rediscovered, without the hype and with a fairer understanding of both their strengths and weaknesses… and our aural palette is becoming that much richer as a result. This is a Good Thing.

  6. I must admit that I clicked with trepidation. Though I wouldn’t be as harsh as Jmzrbnsn, I’ve pretty much had my fill of cute but airheady teenagers rambling incoherently into a webcam for 5 minutes before strumming a $10 uke and singing some off-key rendition of some forgettable song. The name “Brittni” does little to head off such fears.

    This lass rocks though. Decent instrument, great musicianship. A tad repetitive, but other than that, awesome!

  7. Am I mistaken in thinking the tune might be mislabeled?

    I seen to recognize “Turkey in the Straw”…

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  9. You might as well quit posting them, Mark. My wife has pretty much made it clear she’ll never play “Over The Rainbow” for me wearing nothing but a thin coating of poi. I appreciate the effort. I’ll keep posting the faked-up nude renders of Clara Rockmore doing “The Swan” on my site. Hope you have better luck.

  10. I like your ukulele posts, Mark, but aren’t there any men who play ukuleles, or is it just adorable young ladies you’re into?

  11. Hmmm… I guess my comment got disemvoweled because it included the line “gazing seductively into Mark’s eyes.” Besides that, it seemed almost identical to the comment I was quoting. Some thin skin there…

  12. Regarding male uke players:

    My favorite uke player is Oliver Brown (originally from Santa Cruz, CA, now out of NY). He does fantastic original pop songs. One of the coolest is “Kangaroo”, which uses a typewriter for percussion.

    If you haven’t heard him:

  13. i swear it’s like an episode of doctor who – they’re planning world domination!

    … just so we’re clear. I don’t actually want mark to stop posting these. Seeing things i don’t like on boing boing is as much fun as seeing the things i do!

  14. Mark – big fan (both BB and Make)…just received my print sub of Make, vol 17. Whoo hoo!

    Please don’t post any more ukulele videos, UNLESS the artist is playing a Steampunk’d ukulele.

    Best regards!

  15. Ukeleles are, in general, kind of a cheap crap toy instrument.
    That said, that was the best sounding uke I’ve ever heard, and the best playing I’ve ever heard. Hands down.
    Brittni, I hope you make a fine living doing that.

  16. Ukuleles can be very expensive and well made, some people think of them as toys because they are small and for some occupy a kitsch market, once you get beyond that… well Ukes can be as pricey as full blown guitars.

  17. Something I’ve wanted for years now is a musical saw. They have such a haunting, eerie sound. I’ve never seen one for sale. Maybe I gotta go to Arkansas to get one.

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